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  1. Map Drill down

    Hi, Could you please follow the FusionMaps basic example? path are CodeASPDB_Drill CodePHPDB_Drill
  2. Dynamic scroll chart(MSBar3D)

    Hi, I am afraid scrolling is not possible in MSBar3D.swf chart.
  3. Hi, Chart render fine with using your dataXML code in our lab.
  4. Pie chart sometime shows a hairline

    Hi, Could you please change the start angle with chart level attribute startingAngle='10'? i.e <chart .... startingAngle='10' .....> startingAngle Number 0-360 By default, the pie chart starts from angle 0 i.e., the first pie starts plotting from 0 angle. If you want to change the starting angle of the chart, use this attribute.
  5. Hi, I am afraid this option not supported in FusionChart V3 as of now. yAxisMaxValue must be grater than yAxisMinValue in all FusionCharts V3 charts. But you can use Inverse y-Axis Column 2D Power Charts to do so. Could you please visit this site?
  6. Hi, I am afraid single series chart does not support legend or index but you can use our SSGrid (Grid Component) to show index or legend. Could you please visit this site?
  7. Hi, Could you please describe your problem briefly?
  8. Adobe Flash Player 9 run slowly?

    Hi, Could you please tell me FusionCharts SWF file name Which are you using? Could you please update your flash player?
  9. Hi, 1) Literal control used as a place holder for FusionCharts. I am just forcing FusionCharts to be rendered in that region. 2) Page_Load run automatically when aspx page run and when Page_Load event called it invokes GetMonthlySalesChartHtml() and return a string redirect to Literal control. 3) When you generate Vb.Net aspx code behind program this time class must be be partial. This is a Microsoft syntax please visit Microsoft MSDN site for details.
  10. Hi, Could you please follow this example?
  11. Hi, I am afraid SQL 2005 Reporting Services does not allow flash component. So, it is not possible as of now. FusionCharts is a flash-based animated charting solution.
  12. Dynamic Scale with sensible Max value

    Hi, I am afraid it is not possible as of now.
  13. Dynamic Scale with sensible Max value

    Hi Please use the <chart> attributes - numDivLines, yAxisMaxValue, yAxisMinValue? These attributes control the y-axis. i.e <Chart numDivLines='9' yAxisMaxValue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' > <set value="20" label="class 1"/> <set value="40" label="class 2"/> <set value="90" label="class 3" /> </Chart>
  14. Hi, Could you check your Asp.Net version and FusionCharts version first? Could you please download latest version of FusionCharts V3 pack? There have FusionCharts.dll file for 2 Framework. There follow the path, Code folder -> C# or VB basic example.
  15. Legend Color Swatch Size

    Hi, I am afraid legend boxes does not make bigger as of now?
  16. xml data passing to swfobject 2.0

    Hi, Could you please visit this post?
  17. Gantt: scroll + trendline displayValue

    Hi, Could you please provide us XML?
  18. How to set Drag-node text color?

    Hi, Could you please try using Styles for change node font color and font style? Please add this style. ------------------------------------------- <styles> <definition> <style name='MyFirstFontStyle' type='font' font='Verdana' size='12' color='0000FF' bold='1' italic='1' underline='1' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='MyFirstFontStyle' /> </application> </styles>
  19. Hi, You can follow this post.
  20. Image Options

    Hi, Could you please use showFCMenuItem='0' ? i.e <chart .... showFCMenuItem='0' ..>
  21. Catergories label alignment

    Hi, Could you please use multi line display with <BR> [ <BR> ] HTML? please use isHTML on via style. please see XML. ------------------------------ <chart showYAxisValues="0" showXAxisValues="0" showAlternateVGridColor="0" plotSpacePercent="80" divLineColor="ffffff" zeroPlaneColor="ffffff" canvasBgColor="ffffff" canvasBorderAlpha="ffffff" canvasBorderColor="ffffff" bgColor="ffffff" showBorder="0" caption="TestTestTest" numberPrefix="%" decimals="1" useRoundEdges="1" legendBorderAlpha="0" showValues='0' > <categories> <category label="TestTest<BR>Test"/> <category label="TestTest<BR>TestTest"/> <category label="TestTest<BR>TestTest<BR>TestTest"/> <category label="TestTest<BR>TestTest<BR>TestTest<BR>TestTest<BR>TestTest"/> <category label="TestTest<BR>TestTest<BR>TestTes"/> </categories> <dataset seriesName="Test3" color="AFD8F8" > <set value="2.8" /> <set value="" /> <set value="2.8" /> <set value="" /> <set value="2.8" /> <set value="" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Test2" color="F6BD0F"> <set value="16.7" /> <set value="22.2" /> <set value="25" /> <set value="25" /> <set value="16.7" /> <set value="22.6" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Test1" color="8BBA00"> <set value="80.6" /> <set value="77.8" /> <set value="72.2" /> <set value="75" /> <set value="80.6" /> <set value="77.4" /> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name='MyFirstFontStyle' type='font' isHTML ='1' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='MyFirstFontStyle' /> <apply toObject='TOOLTIP' styles='MyFirstFontStyle' /> </application> </styles> </chart>
  22. Clickable Marker

    Hi, It occurs if you are running your HTML locally. By default Flash Player's security setting blocks invoking/calling JavaScript from SWF (Flash Movie), so you need to reset your setting into Global Security Setting panel. see this post.
  23. Hi, I am afraid it is not possible as of now. You have to save image as temporary image file after that you can show it via <image> tag.
  24. Hi, For VB code follow this.
  25. Hi, Could you please see our blue print application for more help?