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  1. Drilldown on label?

    Hi, Could you please use html encoded <a href='..'> with in Label? Follow this. i.e : Label='<a href='' >Product A</a>' add this XML: dataURL method <category label='<a href='' >Service php</a>' /> add this XML: dataXML method <category label='%26lt;a href=%26apos;; %26gt;Service php</a%26gt;' /> also add isHTML Style <styles> <definition> <style name='MyFirstFontStyle' type='font' isHTML ='1' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='MyFirstFontStyle' /> <apply toObject='TOOLTIP' styles='MyFirstFontStyle' /> </application> </styles>
  2. Drill down the charts in same page.

    Hi, Could you please follow this example? DrillDown.htm.txt
  3. Hi, Please do not use the % sign in. Please see the example. <chart yAxisMinValue="0" yAxisMaxValue="100" formatNumber="0" bgColor="f7f2f7" formatNumberScale="0" numDivLines="1" legendBorderAlpha="0" useRoundEdges="1" showvalues="0" numberSuffix = '%25' shownames="1" palette="5" plotSpacePercent='50' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' setAdaptiveYMin='10'> <categories> #foreach( $categorylist in $macrocategory ) <category name='$categorylist' /> #end </categories> <dataset color='AFD8F8' showValues='1' > <set value='$carb_pecent' color="008E8E" /> <set value='$prot_percent' color="8BBA00" /> <set value='$fat_percent' color="FF8E46" /> </dataset> </chart>
  4. Hi, I am afraid, we have no similar example as of now.
  5. Hi, Could you please use autoScale='1' origW='400' origH='200' with in chart and annotations section? please see the XML bellow <Chart bgColor="AEC0CA,FFFFFF" fillAngle="45" upperLimit="1250" lowerLimit="-1250" majorTMNumber="6" majorTMHeight="8" showGaugeBorder="0" gaugeOuterRadius="140" gaugeOriginX="205" gaugeOriginY="206" gaugeInnerRadius="2" formatNumberScale="0" displayValueDistance="30" tickMarkDecimalPrecision="1" pivotRadius="17" showPivotBorder="1" pivotBorderColor="000000" pivotBorderThickness="5" pivotFillMix="FFFFFF,000000" autoScale='1' origW='400' origH='200' > <colorRange> <color minValue="-1250" maxValue="-750" code="FF0000" /> <color minValue="-750" maxValue="-250" code="FBB117" /> <color minValue="-250" maxValue="250" code="5FFB17" /> <color minValue="250" maxValue="750" code="FBB117" /> <color minValue="750" maxValue="1250" code="FF0000" /> </colorRange> <dials> <dial value='$weightlossAvg' borderAlpha="0" bgColor="000000" baseWidth="28" topWidth="1" radius="130" toolText='$suggest'/> </dials> <annotations autoScale='1' origW='400' origH='200'> <annotationGroup xPos="205" yPos="207.5"> <annotation type="circle" xPos="0" yPos="2.5" radius="150" startAngle="0" endAngle="180" fillPattern="linear" fillAsGradient="1" fillColor="dddddd,666666" fillAlpha="100,100" fillRatio="50,50" fillDegree="0" showBorder="1" borderColor="444444" borderThickness="2" /> <annotation type="circle" xPos="0" yPos="0" radius="145" startAngle="0" endAngle="180" fillPattern="linear" fillAsGradient="1" fillColor="666666,ffffff" fillAlpha="100,100" fillRatio="50,50" fillDegree="0" /> </annotationGroup> </annotations> </Chart> 2) Could you please use Mscolumn3D chart level attribute plotSpacePercent='20'? i.e <chart ...... plotSpacePercent='20' .......> plotSpacePercent Number 0-80 (In Percent) On a column chart, there is spacing defined between two columns. By default, the spacing is set to 20% of canvas width. If you intend to increase or decrease the spacing between columns, you can do so using this attribute. For example, if you wanted all columns to stick to each other without any space in between, you can set plotSpacePercent to 0. Similarly, if you want very thin columns, you can set plotSpacePercent to its max value of 80.
  6. Hi, Could you please visit this link for column shadow?
  7. Hi, Could you please use multi series charts FCF_MSColumn2D ?
  8. Pie Chart

    Hi, Could you please use dataURL method because you are using XML file directly? see this code var chart = new FusionCharts("Pid2D.swf", "ChartId", "400", "400", "0", "0"); chart.setDataURL("dailyreport.xml"); chart.render("chartdiv2D"); Could you please visit this link? For dataURL method -> For dataXML method -> you are using ASP.Net. so you can use .net technologies using FusionCharts.dll please visit this link
  9. Hi, you can call javascript function but no java method directly but By javascript ajax you can call java method.
  10. Different Colour on the graph

    Hi, Area2D is a single series chart. Your requirement is multi series charts. That
  11. Different Colour on the graph

    Hi, Could you please use MSArea chart and also use attachment XML for your Demo? MSArea2D.xml.txt
  12. Hi, If you want dual Y then please use MSCombi2DDY chart. If you want multiple Y axes then please use Multi-axis Line Chart (MultiAxisLine) power chart
  13. Hi, Could you please visit online demo section and download the sample? FusionCharts + JavaScript (AJAX) Integration FusionCharts v3 offers tremendous integration capabilities with JavaScript. It seamlessly binds with JavaScript/AJAX to let you update charts on the client side, without invoking any page refreshes. All the charts in FusionCharts v3 suite support this functionality.
  14. Scroll Charts Not working

    Hi, Column2D chart is single series chart and Scroll Column 2D chart is multi series chart. The xml structures for both charts are different. If you run scroll column2D with single series XML structure then 'No data to display' message will come. Could you please use Multi series XML structure for Scroll Column 2D chart? Please visit this link.
  15. Funnel & Pyramid Charts

    Hi, I am afraid it is not possible in linear chart.
  16. Stacked chart

    Hi, You are using < special character so you must use encoded character. if you are using dataURL Method < < > > ' ' & %26 % %25 if you are using dataXML Method < %26lt; > %26gt; ' %26apos; & %26 % %25 your example in DataXML: <dataSet seriesName="Critical" color="A66EDD"> <set value="1" toolText="%26lt;2days" /> your example in DataURL: <dataSet seriesName="Critical" color="A66EDD"> <set value="1" toolText="<2days" />
  17. Display Customised Label

    Hi, I am afraid it is not possible as of now. It
  18. Funnel & Pyramid Charts

    Hi, I am afraid, Horizontal Linear Gauge does not work like Funnel and pyramid charts. Could you please use Funnel chart and Pyramid chart? Please follow this links.
  19. Fusion Map(FCMap_USA.swf) need help

    Hi, Could you please try with showLabels='0'?
  20. Drill Down chart issue. Help

    Hi, Could you please follow this links and blue print application?
  21. Legend Color Swatch Size

    Hi, Could you please provide us your xml and FusionCharts swf file name and version of the chart?
  22. How to change the candlestick color ??

    Hi, Could you please use set level color attribute? i.e <set .... color='0000FF' .... />
  23. Hi, Could you please on short php tag [ <? ?> ] support from php.ini and please work with this FusionCharts_Gen.php file ?
  24. Stacked chart

    Hi, It is possible. By default, FusionCharts shows the series Name, Category Name and value as tool tip text for that data item. But, if you want to display more information for the data item as tool tip, you can use set level toolText attribute to specify the same. i.e <set ...... toolText='your string' .... />
  25. Stacked chart

    Hi, Could you please use Stacked Column 2D Chart [ StackedColumn2D.swf ] or Multi-series Stacked Column 2D Chart [ MSStackedColumn2D.swf ]?