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  1. Evaluation Tutorial: Msdbexample.jsp - Error Loading Data

    Hi I am unable to replicate the problem here and I am running out of ideas too. Let me see... Let's do this. You send me your war file, I will just deploy it as it is here and see if I encounter the same problem as you do. Srividya
  2. Legends In Pie Charts

    Hi Swathy, Thanks for the code. Can you please System.out.println xmlData and tell me the output? You can also get the xml by turning on the debugMode. Srividya Sharma
  3. Issue With Examples

    Hi, Assuming that you are using Rails3, can you please try the Rails3 sample provided here: Hope this helps. Srividya
  4. Hi Neeraja, I took a look at your web.xml. As you had mentioned earlier, the problem seems to be here: <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name>FCExporter</servlet-name> <url-pattern>/cgretail-reports/showPiechartReport.allfon</url-pattern> </servlet-mapping> Please note that the value that you provide to exportHandler attribute in the xml should be same as the value provided in the url-pattern. Only then, the chart will direct to the correct url for handling export. Please try to invoke the FCExporter servlet directly from the browser and the path that you use there will be the url-pattern or the exportHandler value. Hope this helps. regards, Srividya Sharma
  5. Hi Neeraja, Can you possibly share your web.xml or other configuration file where you have defined the HandlerServlet etc? Srividya Sharma
  6. Hi Neeraja, As far as I can see, since you are using the FusionCharts Servlet export handler, you will have to configure the servlet mapping. Can you tell me which step in the export is failing, what is the output/error you are seeing on the screen? regards, Srividya Sharma
  7. Hi As I understand, you have two different issues here: 1. XML generated by the servlet does not contain the correct Chinese characters. 2. Unable to process Multiple parameters from the URL. #1 Please verify that the xml output of the servlet is UTF-8 encoded. response.setContentType("text/xml; charset=UTF-8"); #2 Please provide a URL such as this: &dataURL=test.php?param1=abc%26param2=def when using html embedding. Here are a few suggestions: 1. I suggest that you use Javascript embedding method to render the chart. This is a much easier and advanced. 2. You should try the FusionCharts jsp tag library provided with the latest version of FusionCharts. This will ease the process of embedding chart in a jsp page. Please implement them if you find the time and patience. Please ignore them if it is not possible to do so in your environment. I also noticed that this topic has been posted in the Sharepoint forum, whereas this problem is related to java/jsp. To get quicker replies please ensure that you post under the correct forum topic. Hope this helps Srividya Sharma
  8. Fusioncharts Jsp Blueprintapp Example Error

    Hi Peter Please ensure that the FusionCharts related class files are present in the WEB-INF/classes folder. Hope this helps. Srividya Sharma
  9. Hi Neeraja, Let me try to understand the problem first. 1. I understand that you have some xml document generation code. When this xml is provided to the chart, is the chart getting rendered in the first place? a. If chart is getting rendered, can you please share the generated xml? This can be obtained by either printing the xml document to a string or by turning on the debugMode in FusionCharts. b. else, if the chart itself is not rendering, we have to take a look at the view source of the html page. 2. If Chart is getting rendered, but export is not working, then a. Share the generated xml. Screen-shot / copy-paste of the debug window will also help. b. tell me the browser and FusionCharts version you are using. Lets take it from there. Srividya Sharma
  10. Evaluation Tutorial: Msdbexample.jsp - Error Loading Data

    Hi Since the sample I provided is also not working, it looks like it is a problem with your database. Please verify that you have run all the database scripts and the corresponding tables and data have been created. Thank you for pointing out the missing file. I will check that. Srividya Sharma
  11. Evaluation Tutorial: Msdbexample.jsp - Error Loading Data

    Hi I am not sure what is wrong... can you please try once with the attached war file? regards, Srividya Sharma
  12. Evaluation Tutorial: Msdbexample.jsp - Error Loading Data

    Hi I am unable to replicate your problem here. Can you please turn on the debugMode once and tell me what problem is indicated there? To turn on debugMode, please do the following: 1. Open FusionCharts_J2EE\JSP\DBExample\MSDBExample.jsp 2. Change debugMode="true" in this line: <fc:render chartId="${factoriesBean.chartId}" swfFilename="${folderPath}${factoriesBean.filename}" width="${factoriesBean.width}" height="${factoriesBean.height}" debugMode="false" registerWithJS="false" xmlData="${factoriesBean.xml}" /> You can find this statement towards the end of the file. Thanks Srividya Sharma
  13. Problem With Server-Side Export

    Would it be possible for you to send me a scaled-down version of your application?
  14. Problem With Server-Side Export

    Just to confirm, did you take the controller and other export related files from the Rails 3 sample?
  15. Problem With Server-Side Export

    Can you please try setting :exportHandler=>"/fusioncharts/fc_exporter/index" once and tell me if it is working?
  16. Problem With Server-Side Export

    From what I understood, the sample is working but you are unable to make it work in your application. Is that right? Let me take a look at the routes and get back to you.
  17. Problem With Server-Side Export

    Hi Please try out the sample application posted here for Rails3 : Hope this helps. Srividya Sharma
  18. Problem With Server-Side Export

    Hi Can you please specify the version of Rails you are using? Thanks Srividya Sharma
  19. Routing Error On Server-Side Export

    Hi Can you please specify the version of Rails you are using? Thanks Srividya Sharma
  20. FusionCharts JSF-All Tag Libraries & Samples

    Hi Mohandas, Post #37 with version 1_4_1 is the latest. Hope this helps. Srividya Sharma Thinking in Java
  21. Server Side Export

    Hi Vijaya, Can you please share a scaled-down version of your application? It would be easier to debug. Can you also give me the complete error message? Please tell me the version of FusionCharts you are using. Srividya Sharma
  22. FusionCharts Exporter Jars For Different Java Versions

    Hi all, Please note that all these exporter code and jars are for FusionCharts v >= 3.1 and < 3.2 For v3.2, the exporter jar provided with the download package is for Java 5. If you require exporter jars for other java versions for FusionCharts v >= 3.2, please post here. regards, Srividya Sharma
  23. FusionCharts Server-side Export Handler

    Hi, Please find the source code of Servlet Exporter JDK 1.4 attached. (Post 2 of 2) Hope this helps. Srividya Sharma
  24. FusionCharts Server-side Export Handler

    Hi, Please find the source code of Exporter Core for JDK 1.4 attached. (Post 1 of 2) Srividya Sharma