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  1. Images not all exported/saved to server in IE

    Hi Can you please specify the following: 1. The exact problem - For example, the capturing dialog is shown but nothing happens after that. 2. The html code from view source which shows the rendering of the chart. This will help us guide you better. Thanks Srividya
  2. Not able to export Chart

    Can you please re-confirm the version of the particular MSColumn2D chart from debugMode? Thanks Srividya
  3. FusionCharts .Class files for Java5

    hi Please take a look at this topic: This topic contains the fcexporter.jar for different java versions. Hope this is what you wanted. Srividya
  4. Hi everybody, Since the .class files provided with download package of FusionCharts was compiled with Java6 and there seems to be a need for Java5 compiled classes as well, I am attaching the class files which are compiled with Java5. Attachment Contains: Class files which ease the use of FusionCharts in Java Compiled with Java Version: jdk1.5 As of FusionCharts version 3.1 Hope this helps everybody!
  5. invoke FusionChartSave from jsp

    Yes, it is possible to do from the client side. Please see: Srividya
  6. sample program of FusionCharts in JSP

    Hi I just took a look at your application. In FusionCharts Free 1. the xml root element is <graph> 2. the equivalent of label attribute of <set> element in Free version is name So, your xml would have to be: <graph caption='Monthly Sales Summary' subcaption='For the year 2006' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Sales' numberPrefix='$'> <set name='January' value='17400' /> <set name='February' value='19800' /> <set name='March' value='21800' /> <set name='April' value='23800' /> <set name='May' value='29600' /> <set name='June' value='27600' /> <set name='July' value='31800' /> <set name='August' value='39700' /> <set name='September' value='37800' /> <set name='October' value='21900' /> <set name='November' value='32900' /> <set name='December' value='39800' /> </graph> Please change this in Data.xml and see if it works. Srividya
  7. Save chart as Image to Server.

    Can you please verify that registerWithJS is turned on? Also, please check the version of swf you are using for multi series chart. You can check the version by turning on the debugMode. Hope this helps. Srividya
  8. Problem rerender FusionCharts in a rich:panel using IE

    You are most welcome! Happy FusionCharting! Srividya
  9. Save chart as Image to Server.

    Hi Rakesh, Can you please post the directory structure of your application, the xml used and the export properties file? This will help in giving you further guidance. Thanks Srividya
  10. Problem rerender FusionCharts in a rich:panel using IE

    Hi Thanks for the sample application. Using the sample application, when I click on Test1 I get the chart with Test1 caption and I get chart with Test2 caption for the Test2 link. I am unable to replicate the problem in IE7. I noticed that the width you are using is width="100%" . Please change it to a absolute width and test once. Could you please try this and tell me if it works? Srividya
  11. Problem rerender FusionCharts in a rich:panel using IE

    Hi From the attached screen-shot, it looks like the problem is with width and height of the chart, when re-rendered. Can you please send a stripped-down version of your code - say, a jsf page and a class which handles the re-rendering? ( as an attachment ) This would help me to directly deploy the application and try it out. This would save time for you. Thanks Srividya
  12. Problem rerender FusionCharts in a rich:panel using IE

    Hi Do you mean to say that the chart does not refresh itself when rerender happens? ( in IE sometimes ) or does the chart not show up at all? Can you share some screenshot showing the problem? Thanks Srividya
  13. Problem rerender FusionCharts in a rich:panel using IE

    Hi Nice to know that you are using the JSF tag library successfully. Can you please elaborate on how you are re-rendering the chart? Srividya
  14. setDataURL not function

    Hi Please change the value for registerWithJS parameter to true as shown below: <jsp:param name="registerWithJS" value="true" /> Hope this helps! Srividya
  15. Using Ajax Fetch call to drill-down

    Hi David, I am not sure if I can understand you completely. Can you please post the code relevant to drill-down ? Also what is the exact problem you are trying to solve? These will help me understand better. Thanks. Srividya
  16. How do i get the HTTP post parameters for exporting ?

    Hi I appologize for the delay in responding. I hope you have solved your problem. If not, please take a look at the attached example. In this jsp, the export is invoked from the click of a button. The exportHandler is specified as FCExporter.jsp, for servlet implementation please change these attributes and the path to .swf, .jsp files, before testing. Hope this helps. Srividya
  17. Flash Player 10.1 urgent issue

    Hello Captain, Just to replicate your issue, I updated the flash player in Windows machine to the latest Version 10,1,53,64. All my charts in FileMaker are of the same size as before. I have verified with different versions of FileMaker. Can you send me a sample file where I can see the reduced size of the chart? Can you verify that the chartWidth and chartHeight attributes in the QueryString are same as the webviewer width and height? Awaiting your reply. Srividya
  18. FusionCharts with Seam

    Thanks Sai. We would really like you to help out other FusionCharts users in this forum with Seam integration and other issues. Keep FusionCharting! Srividya
  19. FusionCharts JSF-All Tag Libraries & Samples

    Hi Talamond, Please find the latest jar : Srividya
  20. Short Tutorial on FC JSF Tag Library with Facelets and XHTML

    Hi Talamond, Looks like there is a problem in the xml. The special character % has to be encoded and used numberPrefix='%25' Please see the documentation page: for further information. Hope this solves the problem. Srividya
  21. refresh chart using a4j

    Hi, At first glance, this is what I found. You have to provide only one of the two parameters - strURL or strXML. So please remove the strURL parameter. Also, since you are using JSF, you could use the JSF tag library posted here: Hope this helps! Srividya
  22. Data update (chart refreshing) using Spring MVC

    Hi Glad that you were able to integrate FusionCharts with Spring. In order to refresh only the chart, ( instead of the whole page ) you could do the following: 1. Make ajax request for new data 2. Set this data to the chart using the following [/code] <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> //Here, we get a reference to the chart and update it's //data using setDataXML method. function updateChart(DOMId,xml){ //Get reference to chart object using Dom ID var chartObj = getChartFromId("chart1Id"); //Update it's XML chartObj.setDataXML(xml); } </SCRIPT> [/code] This way, only the chart will get updated. Hope this is what you were looking for. Srividya
  23. FusionCharts Struts2 Example

    Hi You are most welcome. I am really happy to know that you have been using the JSF tag library and are finding the Struts2 example also useful. Gives me motivation to contribute more to the forums. Srividya
  24. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Sai, If I have understood your question correctly, this is what you would need to do: Create a <chart> root element. Iterate through the list of active users and for each item in the list, create a <set label='active username' value='value'/> element. Close the chart element using </chart> So finally your xml would look something like this: <chart> <set label="user1" value="value1"/> <set label="user2" value="value2"/> ... </chart> Just as Sudipto mentioned, the xml format varies for different chart types. The xml format given above is for single series chart. Now, store this xml in backing bean and use it in the jsf page. Hope this helps. Srividya
  25. Probleme with javascript link in jsp page

    Hi Stephane, If you are using FusionChartsRenderer.jsp to embed the chart, then this is how you pass the registerWithJS parameter to it: <jsp:include page="../Includes/FusionChartsRenderer.jsp" flush="true"> <jsp:param name="chartSWF" value="../../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf" /> <jsp:param name="strURL" value="Data/Data.xml" /> <jsp:param name="strXML" value="" /> <jsp:param name="chartId" value="myFirst" /> <jsp:param name="chartWidth" value="600" /> <jsp:param name="chartHeight" value="300" /> <jsp:param name="debugMode" value="false" /> <jsp:param name="registerWithJS" value="true" /> </jsp:include> Please make this correction and try once. Hope this works out. Srividya