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  1. Hi, Currently we do not have any alternative to configure the copying options to export values with "comma" as the decimal separator, as it is taken automatically by the internal code.
  2. Multi-Axis & Zoom-Line

    Hi Luis, We have already made a note of this and updated this in our wishlist for future upgrades. But currently we do not support Multiaxis line chart with zooming capability.
  3. Pie Chart on the states in a map

    Hi, Please note that FusionMaps XT supports Markers. Markers are points that you can define anywhere on the map to represent various locations like cities, junctions, houses, office locations, malls or any other entity that needs a point representation. It is unable to display Pie chart as markers, but you can use Pie chart image as markers and display it on the point you wish to. This is a workaround solution to your requirement. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  4. Vertical line marking cursor position?

    Hi, Glad you are helped. Happy FusionCharting!
  5. Hi, We have replied to this query in the following Forum post. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  6. Hi, We are unable to replicate the issue with the Realtime charts from the FusionWidgets XT (v3.3.1) Service Release 3. You may check with the samples on our website for reference. Ref.- In case this does not help, please provide us with the XML/JSON data along with the URL from where the data is fed, so that we can test it. Hope this helps.
  7. Export Issue in IE

    Hi, Could you please specify elaborately what issue you are exactly facing while exporting charts in IE 8 and 9? If possible, please send us a sample so that we can test and confirm you on the same. You may mail it to us [email protected]. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Amol, FusionCharts does not support "Export to excel" feature as of now. You would need to export the chart as images and then integrate it into your Excel report. For exporting the data, you would need to export it as CSV and then transfer to Excel. Hope this clarifies the query.
  9. Horizontal Funnel & Block Charts

    Hi, For question 1, FusionCharts does not support CSS to rotate or change the chart position as of now. For question 2, please try using Stacked Bar chart to fulfil your requirement. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  10. Hi, Could you please try using the attributes "numVDivLines", "vDivlineColor", "vDivLineThickness", etc. in the <chart> element of your XML data? <chart ... numVDivLines='3' vDivlineColor='FF0000' vDivLineThickness='3' > Hope this helps.
  11. Hi, Please check with the attached C# sample that would cater to your requirement. Note: This is purely for reference and needs to be modified as per your requirement. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi Sri, We have tested a sample with the latest FusionCharts files and are unable to replicate the issue. Could you please mail us a scaled-down sample at "[email protected]" so that we are able to assist you further? Awaiting your response.
  13. Multi series line chart customization

    Hi, Could you please try checking with the Candlestick chart and see if this suits your requirement? Ref.- We currently do not have any exact chart to replicate your requirement. Hope this helps.
  14. help wirExport server

    Hi, Could you please send us the screenshot of the error you are facing? Awaiting your response.
  15. Xml Generator Not Working

    Hi, We are afraid to let you know that we do not support the XML generator any further. Hence, we would not be able to comment further on this. We would suggest you to format the XML data manually as the specified supported formats. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  16. Hi, Could you please confirm if "registerWithJS" is set to '1' in your code besides the enabled Flash player global security settings? You need to set it at "axShockwaveFlash1.Movie="*swfpath/Column2D.swf?registerWithJS=1..." Awaiting your response.
  17. Hi Amol, It is not possible to disable the macroscopic view in the ZoomLine chart as this is the intrinsic functionality of the chart. In case you do not want this feature, please try using a Scroll Line chart that would solve your purpose to display all the labels with a horizontal scroll bar. Ref.- The zooming level cannot be controlled explicitly. It is completely on you till what level you want to zoom as the drag is done manually by the user. Hope this clarifies the query.
  18. Line chart change y-axis values

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! Please note that FusionCharts does not support date format, hence, you would need to specify 1-30 days of the month expl,icitly in your data so that you can plot the Y-axis values corresponding to the day. You can opt to skip the labels by desired value in the "labelSkip" attribute or manually show/hide the labels by setting "showValue" to '0'/'1'. Hope this clarifies your query.
  19. y axis range problem

    Hi, Could you please try setting "yAxisMaxValue" to '100.00' and see if this helps? Hope this helps.
  20. Hi Amol, The "Invalid Data" message is shown when the data is malformed, like unclosed tags, quotes, etc. or has any duplicate attribute. Ref.- Could you please send your JSON data to us so that we might test it? Awaiting your reply.
  21. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    Hi Larry, Currently this is not supported. But we have already reported this and shall update you in case we come up with a solution to this, Thank you for your continued patience.
  22. Custom tooltext not working in zoomline chart

    Hi, The JavaScript variant does not support custom tooltext on zoomline chart as of now.
  23. Hi, Please note that we have an elaborate documentation for each product on how to implement various charts and the supported features. You would need to make use of the samples in order to implement it at your end. 1. A Gauge chart that updates with data on daily or weekly basis. >> For the Real time gauge, you can make it real timeme by passing the correct data format. For more details, please refer to the following link. Ref.- 2. The Displayed chart will be for that day and shows a datestamp as to last update date and time. >> Please note that you would need to update the data everyday by using data updating methods to show the data for the current. You can do this programmatially or manually, as per your requirement, using your own codes. Ref.- 3. At the same time save an image or have a link to display data from the previous dates when clicked upon in a calendar ( I can use behaviors in DW when clicking on a date in a jquery calendar). >> We just provide you with the charts that has the features supported. The implementation specific to your requirements needs to be completely done at your end, as per your requirement using your own codes. 4. Ability to link to another line or bar chart that shows the daily/weekly/monthly pattern >> Please note you can either use the LinkedCharts or simple links for this drill down functionality, as shown here. Ex: For more details on this, please refer to the following link. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  24. Y Canvas Padding

    Hi, Please note that padding would not be much helpful here. This gap is because of you data point's value being less than the Y-axis maximum value displayed on the chart. Hence, you can either set the datapoint value to equal the Y-axis max value or set the "yAxisMaxValue" to be equal to the largest value in your data. Hope this helps.
  25. YAxisName orientation for Dual Y

    Hi Razvan, Please note that the Flash version displays both the Y-axis name pointing upwards in the latest version. However, the JavaScript chart shows the Primary Y-axis name pointing upwards whereas the secondary Y-axis name pointed downwards, which is a conventional format. We would continue to display this in the future version, which will be a pure JavaScript version. Hope this clarifies the query.