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  1. How to locate the vLine

    Hi, If the swf file that you are using supports <vLine> element then use the following format to create a highlighted vline separating the data plots: <vLine color='FF5904' thickness='2' /> Hope this helps.
  2. Background Image Not Showing

    Hi, Could you please check if the image that you are trying to display is in the same domain of the chart? Else it would not be displayed. Ref.-Please refer to the quick link Functional Attributes of the following link: Hope this helps.
  3. chart with rounded corners

    Hi, I am afraid FusionCharts does not support this, as of now.
  4. Legends for Pie Charts

    Hi, I am afraid that legend is not supported by any single series chart. As a work around, the attribute enableSmartLabels='1' in the <chart> element can be used to display long labels without overlapping. Hope this helps.
  5. line value anchor alignment

    Hi, Yes, it is possible. Could you please check with the JPG and the XML file attached for your reference? Hope this helps. Line2D.xml
  6. hide some data in multi series charts

    Hi, The best way to keep a data plot hidden without leaving a gap is to remove that particular <set> element altogether from the XML of the chart. Hope this helps.
  7. y axis value

    Hi, Yes, it is possible. Please try using the attributes showNames='1', showValues='0', showLabels='0', showYAxisValues='0', showLimits='0' in <chart> element in order to hide the values along the Y axis. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, Please try upgrading FusionCharts 3.0.4 to the latest version 3.1.1 using the following link of the Product Update Center and see if this helps. Ref.-
  9. Hi, I think plotting more than 1 data plot for a single X-axis Label is not natively possible using FusionCharts. You may do it manually, by passing empty values in the 'label' attribute, but it might have little congested feel to it.
  10. Show Details on hover --> always

    Hi, Please try using the attribute hoverText in the <set> element in the XML file. Hope this helps.
  11. y axis scale

    Hi, Could you please try using the attributes yAxisMinValue='0', yAxisMaxValue='60', adjustDiv='0', numDivLines='5'. Also please check with the XML file attached for your reference. Hope this helps. Column2D.xml
  12. Y-Axis lable alignment

    Hi, Please try using the 2D Dual Y Combination Chart which would inherently serve your requirement. Hope this helps.
  13. Animation on DragColumn2D chart

    Hi, I think what you are looking for is not supported by FusionCharts.
  14. Anchor labels

    Hi, Please try using the toolText attribute in the <set> element to configure the label of the anchor's tooltip. If you want to configure the data label then please try using the attribute label in the <category> element. Hope this helps.
  15. Hide legend for some slices in piechart

    Hi, Please check with the image attached where I have hidden the label for the pie slice with the value <2%, that is created as per your requirement. For further data label hiding you are requested to follow the XML file format that is attached with this post. Pie3D.xml
  16. Hi Frank, Could you please check with the two XML files attached for your reference? The first XML file depicts a completely empty chart without any X and Y axis. The second XML file depicts a chart with the two axis but no data plot. I was wondering which one would suit your requirement best here. So I decided to send you both. I hope this helps. Column2D.xml Column2D.xml
  17. Hide legend for some slices in piechart

    Hi, FusionCharts does not support removal of the smart label for any one set element. So here is a work around for you. Hope this helps. Pie3D.xml
  18. Hi, Could you please try using this: numberSuffix='SEK' in the <chart> element to achieve your requirement? Also, could you please try using numberPrefix='%25' in the <chart> element to get the % sign as prefix? Hope this is of some help.
  19. Hi, As far as my experience with FusionCharts is concerned, it plots the charts primarily based on the data provided. The yAxisMaxValue attribute holds strong as along as the data limits within it's boundaries.
  20. PHP API + MySQL Multi-series chart

    On the contrary, I think it's rather possible. Ref.-
  21. PHP API + MySQL Multi-series chart

    Hi, I am newby to this forum and found FusionCharts quite interesting. I thought this might help you somewhat? Ref.- Just a thought, but I think you would have to conform to the Multi-series XML format for the respective Multi-series chart you are using for this. Have a nice day!
  22. Category text not displayed properly

    Hi, Could you please try using the line break as {br} instead of <br/>? Ref.-