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Found 5 results

  1. Year To Quarter Drill Down working however Quarter to Month only working for last quarter not all quarters I have created a drill down chart using Fusion Chart(using a demo on its website), using PHP, MySQL, this is running well, Year to Quarter part is working well ever Quarter to Month part for last quarter is working well, rest all Quarters to Month part of the chart not working I used below link for help
  2. Hello. Great product but I am running into a problem. I am trying to create a world map where when you click on a continent, it goes to the continent map. I've looked at the tutorial ( and also a previous post ( but still can't seem to "get it." The tutorial and the post seem to differ slightly in implementation so I am confused. So how would I construct this? Thanks very much! Code below. FusionCharts.ready(function() { var pubsByGeo = new FusionCharts( { "type": "maps/world", "renderAt": "mapdiv", "width": "900", "height": "600", "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { "chart": { "caption": "FGMC Publications", "subcaption": "Click on a Continent to view publications", "theme": "fint", "formatNumberScale": "0", "showLabels": "1", "nullEntityColor": "#C2C2D6", "nullEntityAlpha": "50", "hoverOnNull": "0", "useSNameInLabels": "0", "entityFillColor": "#A8A8A8", "entityFillHoverColor": "#E5E5E9" }, "data": [ { "id": "NA", "displayValue": "North America", "link": "newchart-northamerica-json" }, { "id": "SA", "displayValue": "South America", "link": "newchart-southamerica-json" }, { "id": "AS", "value": "247", "showLabel": "1" }, { "id": "EU", "value": "188.5", "showLabel": "1" }, { "id": "AF", "value": "87.2", "showLabel": "1" }, { "id": "AU", "value": "8.32", "showLabel": "1" } ], "linkeddata": [ { "id": "NA", "linkedchart": { "chart": { "caption": "North America", "subcaption": "Click on a country to see publications.", "entityFillHoverColor": "#E5E5E9", "showLabels": "1", "entityFillColor": "#A8A8A8", "theme": "fint", "showBorder": "1", "bordercolor": "#FFFFFF", "entityborderThickness": "3" }, "colorrange": { "startlabel": "Low", "endlabel": "High", "code": "#e44a00", "minvalue": "0", "gradient": "1", "color": [ { "maxvalue": "150", "displayvalue": "Average", "code": "#f8bd19" }, { "maxvalue": "600", "code": "#6baa01" } ] }, "data": [ { "id": "CA", "value": "99" }, { "id": "US", "value": "99" }, { "id": "MX", "value": "90" } ] }, "id": "SA", "linkedchart": { "chart": { "caption": "South America", "subcaption": "Click on a country to see its publications", "entityFillHoverColor": "#E5E5E9", "showLabels": "1", "entityFillColor": "#A8A8A8", "theme": "fint", "showBorder": "1", "bordercolor": "#FFFFFF", "entityborderThickness": "3" }, "colorrange": { "startlabel": "Low", "endlabel": "High", "code": "#e44a00", "minvalue": "0", "gradient": "1", "color": [ { "maxvalue": "150", "displayvalue": "Average", "code": "#f8bd19" }, { "maxvalue": "600", "code": "#6baa01" } ] }, "data": [ { "id": "CO", "displayValue": "Colombia" }, { "id": "BR", "displayValue": "Brazil" }, { "id": "AR", "displayValue": "Argentina" } ] } } ] } }); pubsByGeo.render(); });
  3. Drill down reports using JSP

    Hi Team. We have generated two reports using JSPs. (Main & Sub report). Both are JSP pages & report is generating perfectly. We want to link both the charts. When click on pie chart in the first chart, it should navigate to second chart. Both used the web services internally with JSP useBean tags. Attached the Main JSP here for your reference. How to link the second JSP in this chart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri=""%> <%@ taglib uri=""prefix="fc"%> <%@page import="org.json.JSONObject"%> <% /* In this page the chart is finally displayed. */ %> <c:set var="folderPath" value="../Chart/FusionCharts/" /> <c:set var="jsPath" value="${folderPath}" scope="request" /> <script src="${jsPath}fusioncharts.js"></script> <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.aasc.model.DataBean"> <c:set var="jsonArray" value="${product.jsonArray}"/> <c:set var="chartId" value="NormalCahrt"/> <c:set var="chartType" value="pie3d"/> <c:set var="caption" value="AA-Freight Audit Report"/> <c:set var="subCaption" value="UPS"/> <c:set var="paletteColors" value="#f2c500,#f45b00,#8e0000"/> <c:set var="width" value="500"/> <c:set var="height" value="300"/> <c:set var="exportEnabled" value="1"/> <c:set var="enableSmartLabels" value="0"/> <c:set var="showLegend" value="1"/> <c:set var="legendBorderAlpha" value="0"/> <c:set var="captionFontSize" value="20"/> <c:set var="subcaptionFontSize" value="16"/> <c:set var="useDataPlotColorForLabels" value="1"/> <% JSONObject chartObject = new JSONObject(); chartObject.put("caption", pageContext.getAttribute("caption")); chartObject.put("subcaption", pageContext.getAttribute("subCaption")); chartObject.put("paletteColors", pageContext.getAttribute("paletteColors")); chartObject.put("exportEnabled", pageContext.getAttribute("exportEnabled")); chartObject.put("showLegend", pageContext.getAttribute("showLegend")); chartObject.put("legendBorderAlpha", pageContext.getAttribute("legendBorderAlpha")); chartObject.put("enableSmartLabels", pageContext.getAttribute("enableSmartLabels")); chartObject.put("captionFontSize", pageContext.getAttribute("captionFontSize")); chartObject.put("subcaptionFontSize", pageContext.getAttribute("subcaptionFontSize")); chartObject.put("useDataPlotColorForLabels", pageContext.getAttribute("useDataPlotColorForLabels")); //put all together in final JSON Object JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject(); jsonObject.put("chart", chartObject); jsonObject.put("data", pageContext.getAttribute("jsonArray")); String json = jsonObject.toString(); pageContext.setAttribute("json", json); %> <fc:render chartId="${chartId }" swfFilename="${chartType}" width="${width}" height="${height}" debugMode="false" registerWithJS="false" jsonData="${json}" /> </jsp:useBean> <br /> <br /> ----------------------------------------------------------------- Best Regards, Varma
  4. Hello, I'm having an issue using the resizeTo(width, height) function with drill down charts. I'm using the latest release of Fusion Charts XT. I'm calling resizeTo when the browser resizes so that our chart takes the full dimensions of the HTML area we have reserved for the chart. This works fine for the standard chart. But, when we're using drill down charts and the user has drilled down, when the browser is resized, nothing happens. If instead, I call render() with the new dimensions, the parent chart is what is generated, not the drill down - which is not desired. Any solution for this? Thanks, Mike Oliver
  5. How to implement drill down in multi-series chart where data format is JSON. Any code snippets? Thanks in advance.