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Broken Candlestick Charts

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Hi, I have just upgraded my company to the newest powercharts and I am having major problems. All of the charts are blowing through the top. It appears that the y-axis scaling is completely non-functional. I have attached a pic of the chart and the code/data below. I have also found a bunch of other bugs with the rendering of these charts, but let's just start here and work through it.




function GetChart() {
        var myChart = new FusionCharts("/FusionCharts/CandleStick.swf", "chart", "700", "500", "0", "1");








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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


I am afraid, we are unable to replicate the issue, as the code is working fine from our end.


Please find the screenshot attached for your reference.


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