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How To Configuration The Link Attribute In Set Element?

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Firstly, I visit the page of "", then choose a drag node chart and enable links in this chart.


The page will be linked to "" normally when I click a node.


But, after I download it in the page "" and then open the same drag node chart, the link is invalid.


Can you help me?

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Guest Sumedh

Greetings, smile.gif


FusionCharts XT v3.2.2 can be easily and extensively used to create drill-down charts.


All the charts support drill down for data elements i.e., in each chart type, the data plot of that chart (columns in Column Charts, Pie slices in Pie Charts etc.) can act as hotspots for the chart.


For generating the link, you would need to modify the XML code accordingly.


You would need to add link attribute under the set element.


Ref code:


<set label='Jan' link='URL of the page'>




For more information, please refer the following link:


Hope this helps. smile.gif

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