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Angular Gauge Not Showing Value

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Hello, new to Fusion Charts Widgets and having an issue. I am calling a stored procedure to try to populate a single value for an Angular Gauge. When I run the stored procedure, it returns a value in SQL that is a single column called Efficiency and it has a value of 87.6. However, when I add this as the value for the Angular Gauge dial, it draws the dial, but puts the needle all the way to 100% and does not put the value in correctly?


If I simply put a value in the chart, it works correctly.



Does anyone have any suggestions?




To add more info, if I simply run my SP exec_cycleff, it will return in SQL





I have a similar gauge that calls a view and returns in SQL





One shows, the other does not. I am using another stored procedure to display values in a grid chart, so I do not think it is simply the stored procedure that is an issue. I have been fighting this for hours. Please help!!!

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