Jquery Datetime Picker Is Hiding Behind The Fusionchart Object In Chrome Browser

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I have JQuey DateTime Picker On Selecting the DateTIme Piker it is hiding behind the FusionChart Chart Object.

I have Included <embed wmode="transparent"></embed>


<param name="WMode" value="transparent">

in my FusionChart.js File

This is Happening in Chrome Browser.

And in Mozilla css is not applying.


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Guest Sumedh



If you are using JavaScript embedding method for plotting the chart, then you can use "setTransparent" method.




This method will set your chart background as transparent in the HTML page.


If you are using HTML embedded method following code will work,


<param name="WMode" value="transparent">


Also, can you please confirm which FusionCharts version is used?


Can you paste your sample code and XML here?


Awaiting your response.

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