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Wrap Lines In Connectorlabels

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I'm using the dragnode chart in the javascript rendering mode with multiple nodes and connectors between them.

In flash the connector labels are wrapped if they have a long text, but in javascript these labels do not wrap and the connector labels are so much long.

Can I set the connector labels to wrap or set a width to the connector label? Maybe the font style for connector label?



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Hi John,


Apologies for delay.  :(


It is not possible to wrap labels of connectors for a Drag Node chart directly.


But as a workaround, you may use {br} inside your value for label so that you can wrap the contents of the label.

Eg.  <connector  .....  label='link12 - a connector {br} with a long label {br} that is wrapped manually' />

You may change the font style of the connector label by using "font" type of style.


Eg.  The following code changes the font face and size of all the connector labels in the chart.


        <style name='MyFirstFontStyle' type='font' font='Arial' size='12' />

        <apply toObject='CONNECTORLABELS' styles='MyFirstFontStyle' />

For more information on Font Style, you may please refer :


Hope this helps.  :)

Edited by Haritha

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