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The Interval Of Rendering The Realtimeline

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Hello everyone,   I have a problem about realtimeline,   I call the feedData() function to render the realtimeline,   when the interval of feeding each data is too short,the web-side has no response,   and the browser collapsed ,  so I want to ask  what is the minimum interval  to call the feedData() function.....thanks!!!

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Guest Sashibhusan



There is no specific time interval defined to call "feedData()" function.


We have checked by setting the interval to "1 millisec" for feeding the data using "feedData()" function and it is working fine for Real-Time line chart.


Could you please provide any scaled down sample to test and replicate the issue, as you have mentioned?


Also, please provide the browser details, which is being used at your end to replicate the issue.


Awaiting your valuable inputs.

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