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The Interval Of Rendering The Realtimeline

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Hello everyone,   I have a problem about realtimeline,   I call the feedData() function to render the realtimeline,   when the interval of feeding each data is too short,the web-side has no response,   and the browser collapsed ,  so I want to ask  what is the minimum interval  to call the feedData() function.....thanks!!!

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Guest Sumedh

Hi Yangchuan,


Apologies for the delayed response.


There is no recommended minimum interval which can be set for feedData(). You can provide interval as per your requirement.


However, if you are fetching data from the server, then you would need to provide the interval in seconds, since data fetching process should be executed within the time interval. Otherwise, chart will not be updated properly. (also this depends on the quantity of data).


You have to configure the interval as per the data which you are passing to the charts (while fetching from the server).


Hope this helps!

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