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node position not displaying properly in Drag node Chart

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i have some issue with node position in drag node chart provided in power chart XT


 XML used to prepare this chart also provided as attachment


DIV i am used to show this chart size is 1000px X 1000px


please tell me why chart is not displayed in center.









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see that <div> width is 1000X1000


so i used 600 it's near to center


but it's displaying near to end 




that to i am dynamically giving position of the   nodes(X,Y) based on the no of nodes present at the level


X=1000,Y=1000,divider=100(Space between two node in the same level)


no of nodes at level -1 = 1  (A)

no of nodes at level -2 =  2 (B,C)


A(x,y)= ((1000)/(noofnodes+1)+divider, Y-(level*100))   A(600,900)

B(x,y)=  ((1000)/(noofnodes+1)+divider, Y-(level*100))   A(333,800)

C(x,y)=  ((1000)/(noofnodes+1)+divider, Y-(level*100))   A(666,900)



this is the way we are preparing positions for node



when xml contains proper position Drag Node Chart is not displaying 


i felt this is a bug . please confirm  is this a defect in this chart ? 


or any changes that i need to follow in my xml 

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Guest Sashibhusan



It seems you have set explicitly the X-Axis lower and upper limit to "0" and "100" resp.


So, for the fixed X-Axis upper limit, the dynamically generated X-position for the nodes with value "600" will not adjust automatically.


So, could you please try once by removing the "xAxisMinValue" and "xAxisMaxValue" attributes from the <chart> element of the XML data, to let the chart calculate the suitable X-Axis limiting values automatically for you (as you are providing the "x" values if <set> element dynamically)?


For more information on "Drag-node Chart Specification Sheet", please visit the link:


Hope this helps!


Looking forward to your valuable response.

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