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Guest Rajroop

Multilevel Pie Chart

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I am evaluating your PowerChart controls, especially the Multilevel Pie Chart.

Here is my problem with a classical hierarchical data structure

-[A [A1 [A1i,A1ii, ...], A2 [A2i,A2ii, ...],... ] , B [b1 [b1i,B1ii, ...], B2 [b2i,B2ii, ...],... ], ...]

No problem with That !!!

BUT I would like to display additional level in order to achieve a kind of Two-way PieChart and display the following. starting from the center, example for one path only:

A -> A1 -> A1i ->A1 ->A (actually in my case the last two data will be different info.

Could you please tell me if there is any way to achieve that ?

Best regards


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Guest Rajroop

Hello Rodolphe,




Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum! :blink:




Could you please check the link below and mention if the bottom image pertaines to what your requirement are?








If not, could you please elaborate a little more on your requirement specifications, so that I may be able to understand it fully thereby be of more help to you?




Looking forward to your reply.

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