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How to right-click menu into chinese

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Guest Madhumita


I'm afraid, as of noe FusionCharts does not support conversion of the Right-Click Menu entirely into Chinese.

You can change the default "About FusionCharts" context menu item to show your label and link it to your own URL. There you can use Chinese Characters to show your custom Menu Item. ref. -

e.g. <chart yAxisName='Sales Figure' caption='Top 5 Sales Person' numberPrefix='$' useRoundEdges='1' showAboutMenuItem='1' aboutMenuItemLabel='??????' aboutMenuItemLink='n-'>

 <set label='Alex' value='25000' />

 <set label='Mark' value='35000' />

 <set label='David' value='42300' />

 <set label='Graham' value='35300' />

 <set label='John' value='31300' />


For this you need to add BOM Mark to your XML file.

ref. -

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