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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

DragNode charts: why baseFont not work for label

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Now I'm using DragNode charts to show a topology. The default label is smaller than what I expected. In docs,It seems that "baseFont" and"baseFontSize" work. but when I define "baseFontSize" in my xml, the toolTexts change,but the labels remain, the followed is my xml code.





      chart palette='2' xAxisMinValue='0' xAxisMaxValue='100'

yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='100' showformbtn='0' viewMode='1'

allowDrag='0' showToolTip='0' baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize='12'>

dataset plotBorderAlpha='1' showPlotBorder='1' showformbtn='0'


	set x='70' y='20' label='database' color='FFFFFF' id='db1'    width='80'	height='88' imageNode='1' imageWidth='40' ageHeight='40'


		labelAlign='bottom' imageAlign='middle' alpha='0' />




I don't know how I can change the fontsize of label.




thanks for suggestion







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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Hi Sunny,

Welcome to FusionCharts forum. :)

In case you wish to change the font size of the datalabels, please try applying the "Styles" feature on dataLabels using the "font" attribute.

Ref.- <styles>


<style name='mynAnim' type='font' size='20' font='Verdana' color='FF0000'/>



<apply toObject='DataLabels' styles='myAnim' />



Please refer to the link below for further details on the same:-


Hope this helps. :)

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