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maximum length of drilldown script in link

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i wanted to know , if Fusioncharts has any limit on the string in the link attribute


<set toolText='(Blanks)' value='38' link='JavaScript:drillDownJS("(Blanks)","337"," "," AND   ((UPPER(^Active^) = ^BOTH^) OR (UPPER(^Active^) = ^ACTIVE^ AND sysdate %26gt;= nvl(p_start_date,sysdate - 1) AND sysdate %26lt;  nvl(p_end_date,sysdate %25252B 1)) OR (UPPER(^Active^) in (^INACTIVEEEE^) )) ","parnames","parvals","viewName");' label='(Blanks)'/>

this is working fine but.. but if the lenght of the parameter values exceed (say, if we add even a single character after INACTIVEEEE) in drilldownJS beyond that, its not callingthe javascript funciton.

Please help me out in finding out the solution

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