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My former posts surrounding difficulties in getting charts to refresh as they should still apply, but in the interest of getting this done one way or another, I've tried implementing the "data stamp" functionality into a chart of type RealTimeStackedColumn.swf.


My XML in part says this:


<chart caption='Calls Made per Rep' dataStreamURL='FusionWidgets/data/RealTimeColumn1.cfm' refreshInterval='3' dataStamp='12:00:00'


and my data output page passes back "&dataStamp=15:45:15" (for example) after all of the appropriate labels and values.


I simply cannot get this to work. Simply adding the dataStamp parameter with any associated value in my XML file causes my chart to cease to display any data. I can manually define a "dataStamp" variable on my data output page and correctly pass back and chart values based on a time comparison, but again, even adding this dataStamp parameter to my XML chart's definition causes the chart to cease to function.


Please help.



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Hi. Thanks for the reply, but I'm afraid that it does not help. I used the documentation to attempt to employ the dataStamp functionality resulting in the failure I described above.


Is there perhaps a simple example chart that you could provide to me with full code so that I could at least see this functionality working?



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