Fusionwidget Angular Gauge Ignores Upper Limit When Dial Points To 0

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Hi there,

i'm getting stuck in what i think is a bug of Fusionwidget angular gauge 3.1.1. The gauge works as intended if the dial is not setted to the 0 value; instead, if the dial has the 0 value, as in the below code, the upperlimit of the gauge (setted at 0.5) is all the way ignored and goes to 1, as the image shows.




I'm wrong or is a fusionwidget bug, as i think? If the dial points to other than 0, the upper limit works as intended and the gauge displays values between -0.5 to 0.5.



Info: Chart loaded and initialized.
Initial Width: 271
Initial Height: 200
Scale Mode: noScale
Debug Mode: Yes
Application Message Language: EN
Version: 3.1.1
Chart Type: Real-time Angular Gauge
Chart Objects: 

INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is myChartId
INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method.
XML Data: <Chart borderThickness="0" borderColor="FFFFFF" bgColor="FFFFFF" fillAngle="45" upperLimit="0.5" lowerLimit="-0.5" majorTMNumber="10" majorTMHeight="8" showGaugeBorder="0" showToolTip="1" gaugeOuterRadius="91" gaugeOriginX="140" gaugeOriginY="156" gaugeInnerRadius="2" formatNumberScale="0" numberSuffix="%" displayValueDistance="25" decimalPrecision="2" tickMarkDecimalPrecision="1" pivotFillColor="CCCCCC" pivotFillMix="{light-10},{light-30},{dark-20}" pivotFillRatio="" pivotRadius="6"><colorRange><color minValue="-0.5" maxValue="-0.15" code="B41527" /><color minValue="-0.15" maxValue="0" code="E48739" /><color minValue="0" maxValue="0.5" code="399E38" /></colorRange><dials><dial value="0" bgColor="666666,FFFFFF,666666" rearExtension="10" borderAlpha="0" radius="88" /></dials><annotations><annotationGroup toolText="Test" xPos="140" yPos="157.5"><annotation type="circle" xPos="0" yPos="2.5" radius="97" startAngle="0" endAngle="180" fillPattern="linear" fillAsGradient="1" fillColor="dddddd,666666" fillAlpha="100,100" fillRatio="50,50" fillDegree="0" showBorder="1" borderColor="444444" borderThickness="1" /><annotation type="circle" xPos="0" yPos="0" radius="94" startAngle="0" endAngle="180" fillPattern="linear" fillAsGradient="1" fillColor="666666,ffffff" fillAlpha="100,100" fillRatio="50,50" fillDegree="0" /></annotationGroup><annotationGroup id="Grp1"><annotation type="text" x="226" y="26" label="0%" fontSize="11" borderColor="FFFFFF" fontColor="000000" bold="1" /><annotation type="text" x="43" y="29" label="Dati al 09-02 " fontSize="8" italic="1" borderColor="FFFFFF" fontColor="000000" bold="0" /></annotationGroup><annotationGroup id="Grp2" toolText="Test"><annotation type="text" x="138" y="182" label="Test" fontSize="11" borderColor="666666" fontColor="000000" bold="1" /></annotationGroup></annotations></Chart>

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Guest Angie



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


Since the upper limit has been set as 0.5, the chart displays correctly when the dial value is 0.


But, when the dial value becomes 1, the chart will not displays the value correctly since the upper limit has been set as 0.5.


Hope I am clear enough to make you understand the problem.


Please revert back to us in case you have any further query.

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Hi Angie, thank you for your reply. I have posted the xml settings file for reproducing the problem; have you tried it?

The gauge dial always displays its value correctly, since it is inside the two limits; the issue is that the upper limit, when the dial points to 0 value, is shown wrong. Please look at the image below: the two gauge have the same xml, except for where the dial must point to; the gauge dial on the left points to 0.01, the gauge dial on the right points to 0, and shows the bug: the upper limit is always set to 0.5 in both charts. If can be of any help in reproducing the bug, the two gauges are on the same html page. Thank you for your patience.


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Guest Angie



Thank you very much for explaining the issue.


Our developers are looking into the issue and will get back to you very soon.


Thanks a lot for your continued patience and patronage.

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Guest Angie



Thanks a lot for your appreciation.


FusionCharts team will be always at your service.


Happy FusionCharting!biggrin.gif

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