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  1. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    Hi, can anyone please check on the below (applies for the non-flash version): 1 - SYAxisMaxValue, PYAxisMaxValue, and baseFont are not working for me. can these be used with highcharts? 2 - how can the credit label shown on the lower right corner of the chart be removed? 3 - the data drill down to a frame is not working. has this not been migrated ? 4 - the StackedColumn3DLineDY can handle only few categories when compared with the flash version. If we try to send more than 10 categories the chart will render the message Error Loading Data! and sometime renders empty chart. 5 - highlight selective data is not working. many thanks Lucien
  2. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    thank you Ayan for your answer and help. should the baseFontSize work? with this I can control the font size of all text on my Flash charts. is there any alternative? thanks again. Lucien
  3. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    hello, just downloaded the beta V3.2, great work, many thanks. I am mainly testing the chart rendering on iPAD and noticed so far the following: 1 - baseFont, and Styles are not working. Unable to control the font size on the displayed text on the chart. 2 - Stack charts and other complex charts not working. Can you kindly advise the chart types that are supported? 3 - when loading, the chart displays message "Data Parsing Error" then opens correctly. 4 - could we hide the button that is displayed on the chart allowing its export? or maybe control its size? kind regards, Lucien