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  1. These posts were a year ago. Is this still the case where "there is no direct means of achieving this"? I have not been able to locate any mechanism where this has been solved more elegantly for FusionCharts (at least from server-side java).
  2. Pie3D maximum value problem

    I have the following xml which works fine in pie3d with a maximum value of 11999999 (e.g. Import3), but if it is 12000000 or higher the pie chart does not display correctly. It seems to display correctly with 12000000 in the pie2d. 12000000 seems like an arbitrary number, most likely in code (as it is not a 2^N number). Is this a known limitation or are we doing something wrong with our xml dataset? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> showCanvasBg="0" showCanvasBase="0" showBorder="0" showNames="1" showValues="0" showLimits="0" animation="0" baseFont="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" baseFontSize="12" formatNumberScale="0" decimalPrecision="2" hoverCapBgColor="CFD9E2" hoverCapBorderColor="6C84AB" pieFillAlpha="100" pieYScale="70" pieSliceDepth="15" anchorAlpha="0" caption="Chat Site hits by group" subcaption="(Click the graph for more details)">