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  1. Thanks Pallav. Approximately when would that be?
  2. Thanks Pallav, I have sent the code to that email address. I did find a fix for it which is to change the content of the data generation URL from &label=a,b,c,d&value=1,2,3,4|-1,-2,-3,-4 to &label=a,b,c,d&value=1,2,3,4|-1,-2,-3,-4|0 (add a spurious series point at the end) I'm happy with this fix, but you may want to document it in your online docs.
  3. I am presently evaluating FusionGadgets for real-time charting. My data generation page is returning this: &label=a,b,c,d&value=1,2,3,4|-1,-2,-3,-4 This is exactly as described in the documentation http://www.fusioncharts.com/gadgets/docs/Contents/DSC_MUpdates.html I have a dual-axis Y real-time chart that is listening for the above. On the secondary axis, only three values ever get plotted; the final -4 is missing. I can't figure out how to upload a picture or I could post one here.
  4. It would be very useful if such a chart was to be included in the next release- I work in finance and this is one of the things that is asked for a lot. Thanks, PC