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  1. We've upgraded from FusionCharts Free to FusionCharts v3 and one of the features I was really looking forward were smartlables for pie charts. Unfortunately these still have several rendering problems as labels are still being cut off, even if they are not that big. I really wouldn't mind if it would cut of labels, but it should add an ellipsis to the end keeping tooltip with the complete value. I know I could do this in code, but it's not easy to calculate the trimming point (it should be dependent of the start of the smart label) and I would still like to show percentage and the full label in the tooltip. I've seen other posts explaining how to use the grid to create a legend but that's also not an option for us because we do not have enough screen real estate as this is being shown in a dashboard. Your charts really look great and we love all the features, this is the only major issue we have with them. Do you have any plans to fix this annoyance? Thank you very much, Tiago Sim piechart.txt
  2. IE bug with width set to %

    When a chart has a percentage width and is rendered bellow in an invisible area of the screen IE7 shows a bug. Just rename the attached file to htm to see what I mean. Can we expect a fix for this behaviour soon? Thanks, Tiago iewidthpercbug.txt
  3. saving images

    This export to image feature is really good. Being able to trigger the export to image programatically, either by javascript or on the xml itself, would make it great. Tkx a lot for a great component, Tiago Sim
  4. IE bug with width set to %

    Hi, I think I just found a workaround for this IE bug: <DIV id=chartdiv2 style="width:50%;height:30%">The chart will appear here. This text will be replaced by the chart.</DIV> <SCRIPT type="text/javascript"> var myChart2 = new FusionCharts("Charts/MSColumn3DLineDY.swf", "myChartId2", document.getElementById("chartdiv2").clientWidth, document.getElementById("chartdiv2").clientHeight); myChart2.setDataXML(dataxml); myChart2.render("chartdiv2"); </SCRIPT> Cheers, Tiago Sim