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  1. Problem Displaying A Column2D Graph On Ipad

    Please post your code.
  2. Json Object Discrepency In 3.2 Style

    My pleasure. Keep up the great work guys!
  3. Javascript Render Chart Issue

    tickInterval is what you want to use for the override. See my post here: http://forum.fusionc...tconfiguration/ I assume you mean to use 4 div lines (20% gap), not 5 div lines (16% gap). Also, the code you posted does not match the screenshot that you attached.
  4. Replace all instances of '&' with '&'. Should do the trick. =]
  5. Label Problem In Google Chrome

    Please post your code!
  6. Duplicate Y-Axis Values

    Please post code snippets.
  7. You would need to use the entity reference codes (take the spaces out): & # 8 5 9 2 ; = ← & # 8 5 9 3 ; = ↑ & # 8 5 9 4 ; = → & # 8 5 9 5 ; = ↓ As for coloration in labels, I don't think that is possible.
  8. Actually, there is a workaround I've discovered. Place this code in before you call render(), it will show only every 4th label as you've asked: if (!!chart_dt_inout_chart._overrideJSChartConfiguration) { chart_dt_inout_chart._overrideJSChartConfiguration({ xAxis: { labels: { formatter: function() { if (this.index % 4 == 0) { return this.value; } else { return ""; } } } } }); }
  9. I understand your frustration as I've discussed this before in the past. See this thread here. However, I wouldn't consider this a showstopper, as you say. It's an unfortunate bug (/feature request). There are MANY sniffers available to detect Flash. So we as developers have options. (I mention in the above-mentioned post that I use Dojo's built-in detection since we're a Dojo shop). On the other hand, I would agree that proper Flash detection in an essentially Flash-based tool should be of the utmost priority.
  10. You need to set showBorder="1" in your XML string. In JS fallback, the border shows by default, in Flash it is hidden by default.
  11. Hi Don - The HighCharts API is exposed through a method called _overrideJSChartConfiguration(). ANY property of the chart object (including methods) should be overrideable, and it will use the event model as defined by jQuery. Take a look at the following example: <div id="myChart"></div> <script language="JavaScript"> var jsonData = { "data":[ { label: "Failed", value: "1", issliced: "1" }, { label: "Passed", value: "4" } ] }; FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer("javascript"); var chart = new FusionCharts("../../js/FusionCharts/Pie2D.swf", "myChart-chartId", 400, 300); if (!!chart._overrideJSChartConfiguration) { chart._overrideJSChartConfiguration({ chart: { events: { click: function(event) { alert("x, y: (" + event.layerX + ", " + event.layerY + ")"); } } } }); } chart.setJSONData(jsonData); chart.render("myChart"); </script>
  12. Xml Attributes Between Flash And Javascript

    Always glad to help. Check out my other post here if you want to fix the divlines issue on the Y Axis: http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/7747-numdivlines-not-working-in-html5-have-to-use-overridejschartconfiguration/
  13. Xml Attributes Between Flash And Javascript

    No problem. Let me know how you make out.
  14. Xml Attributes Between Flash And Javascript

    Not sure what I'm meant to be looking at. I see a map. I'd suggest diffing our xml files to see where the problem might be. If that doesn't work, diff the html. Since we now know my example is what you want, I think its on you now to find out how your code is different than mine. I'll leave it up there for as long as you need it. Fair enough?