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  1. Server Side Or Client Side

    A web page has, down left side, a number of select form buttons, choosing options for name, date etc. The main body of the page - to the right of the select buttons - is a single column/line combo chart. I want to make selections from the left side, press a 'submit' button and see an updated chart. I make another selection, press 'submit' and the chart updates again. All of this happens without leaving the same web page. My current set up - the 'submit' button calling a php file - when I press 'submit' an updated chart appears in a separate window. Is this related to server/client side scripting and do I need to use a different technology? Thanks WelshNoob
  2. Server Side Or Client Side

    Thanks for the link - works really well!! Now, if only we can populate the boxes with lists from a database (say, a list of salespersons attached to one button, a list of products to another, and sales figures to another), giving options to select which, when chosen, are then used in a query on the same or another database to dynamically generate a chart ..... that would be amazing. Thanks
  3. Hi there I am trying to include more than one full set of data on a single chart and am struggling with XML code to add in a blank column to separate those data sets. In the code below, what needs to be in the rows with 'xxxxx' to create a space on the chart? The current code doesn't leave any space so the horizontal lines (2008 & 2009) in the dataset for Salesman X are joined with a sloping line - I want there to be no join, just two separate horizontal lines at different levels. <graph palette="2" caption="Average Monthly Sales" subcaption="2008 & 2009" showValues="0" divLineDecimalPrecision="2" limitsDecimalPrecision="1" formatNumberScale="0"> <categories> <category label="S" /> <category label="SE" /> <category label="SW" /> <category label="N" /> <category label="NE" /> <category label="NW" /> /> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <category label="S" /> <category label="SE" /> <category label="SW" /> <category label="N" /> <category label="NE" /> <category label="NW" /> </categories> - <dataset seriesName="Team Averages" renderAs="Column"> <set value="6.67" /> <set value="6.92" /> <set value="7.13" /> <set value="7.52" /> <set value="7.83" /> <set value="7.92" /> <set value="" /> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <set value="6.25" /> <set value="6.83" /> <set value="6.05" /> <set value="6.48" /> <set value="6.77" /> <set value="8.14" /> </dataset> - <dataset seriesName="Salesman X" renderAs="Line"> <set value="7.05" /> <set value="7.05" /> <set value="7.05" /> <set value="7.05" /> <set value="7.05" /> <set value="7.05" /> <set value="" /> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <set value="6.97" /> <set value="6.97" /> <set value="6.97" /> <set value="6.97" /> <set value="6.97" /> <set value="6.97" /> </dataset> </graph>
  4. Is it possible to centre data values vertically in columns? I have selected the " placeValuesInside='1' " option but I want to move the values down away from the top of each column to allow a horizontal line (another dataset) to be more easily seen.
  5. I have created a number of simple Column2D charts with no color definition and they all render with the same default colours - pale blue, light orange, green etc. When I create a Column/Line MSCombi2D chart - again with no color definition - all columns render in pale blue. Is there something I can do - or undo - that allows the combi chart to render in the same default colors as the others?
  6. Different Default Colours In Mscombi2D?

    Thanks for the link but I had already spent time on that section of the documentation before I posted the question and didn't find anything to help. I guess I will have to set up a palette and apply that to all charts I use. Before I do, however, is there no-one there who can advise on the default colours used if no color definition is given? Is pale-blue the best I can expect? Thanks
  7. Show Two 'levels' Of X-Axis Label

    I understand the use of <category> element to show x-axis labels e.g. to label sales for Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4 But what if I want to show those quarter sales over a series of years, say 2008 - 2010? I could rename the labels as Q108, Q208, Q308, ...... Q310, Q410 etc but this would be an inelegant solution. Instead, is it possible to restructure the XML to cope with two levels of label - say Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q1, Q2 ...... Q4 immediately below x-axis, then below that the years but only shown once for each set of Q1-Q4? I have tried to create a chart in Excel (sorry) to paste here but have not been successful. Something like this ... ____________________________________ Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 .......2008.......|.........2009.......|........2010........
  8. Hi there, is there somewhere I can define the weight of the line in a combi chart? I successfully use dashed='1' and color='#000000' in the <dataset> element but is there something available to make it thin/thick?
  9. Line Weight In Combi Column/line Chart

    Just found it - linethickness='1'
  10. I am studying the example in the Fusion Documentation that uses a click on a pie chart to generate more detailed charts - the Factory example. Is it possible to amend the code to enable a click on the pie chart to 'launch' more than one query to generate multiple xmls/charts? For example, choosing the Factory number from the click then shows three other charts - monthly units made, monthly profits and manager performance data?
  11. X-Axis Line

    Is there a way - using the <chart> element - to remove all the canvas border with the exception of the x-axis line?