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  1. Gantt - Vertical Scroll Bars

    THis has been years... that such request have been made to you guys. We are struggling now to use fusion charts gantt and present to users as we have more than 300 projects to be listed in a single gantt chart. without this vertical scroll bars it is so unfriendly for users to use the chart as they have to keep going right to the top to see the timeline and etc... this is a basic requirement from users and yet we cannot fulfill this simple requirement. If there is a workaround to this... please kindly advise.
  2. Waterfall Chart : Actual Vs Total Plan

    Hi, is there anyone could help me with this? thanks heaps!
  3. Waterfall Chart : Actual Vs Total Plan

    Thanks. For the last column, it is a separate entity altogether. It has no corelation between the last column to the previous columns. Therefore, the last column is a -> non cumulative or non sum -> AND the most important part is the last column starts from ZERO position so that we can do a COMPARISON between the sum of previous columns and the last column. cheers
  4. Hi, we are trying to use the waterfall chart in our report. In our waterfall, we need to compare between Actual (cumulative across afew categories) and the last bar would be Total Plan for the year. Unforunately it seems that Fusion waterfall chart does not support that. Is there any way to work around this? cheers