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  1. Not sure if you have any advice, but here's the problem. We contain our Fusion Charts in draggable divs so that our users can place the charts where they want on the page. Chrome and every version of IE is fine, but for some reason when you do this in Firefox, the chart stops displaying. We're left with just a blank area. The only way to get it to show again is to refresh the page. Also, this only happens on the Flash version of charts, the JavaScript versions do not exhibit this behavior. I included two screenshots. The first shows the charts before I drag them and the second shows them after I drag them. Chrome and IE are both fine. Thanks. It's not an emergency, but may be something you'd want to look into.
  2. I am going by the book here with my set up of an alert coupled with an annotation: <chart> <value>21</value> <annotations> <annotationGroup Id='statusRed' visible='0'> <annotation type='image' x='125' y='25' URL='red_circle.png'/> </annotationGroup> </annotations> <alerts> <alert minValue='0' maxValue='999999' action='SHOWANNOTATION' param='statusRed'/> </alerts> </chart> If I set the annotation visible from the get go, it indeed shows the image. But that alert will not fire no matter what. If it does require the real time streaming of data, is there any way I can trick it or force it to fire that alert based on the value in the <value> tag?
  3. Gantt Charts In Js

    Hi Bindhu. It's been a few months, does this answer still stand? There will be no JS version of the Gantt chart?
  4. I also found that in JavaScript mode you have to delete the chart first before you add it again: if ( FusionCharts( chartId ) ) FusionCharts( chartId ).dispose();
  5. Has anyone else noticed that in 3.2.2 the appearance of tool tips on charts like bar charts takes a very long time in JavaScript mode, regardless of the browser?
  6. Fusioncharts Is Now Ipad Ready!

    Hi, I am using the correct function, but it gives me the following error. See screenshot from Firebug attached.
  7. Fusioncharts Is Now Ipad Ready!

    Hi, I am facing the same issue. I want to use the FusionCharts._fallbackJSChartWhenNoFlash() method so that if a customer does not have Flash installed, regardless of their PC platform or browser, that it will fall back on JavaScript mode. I am getting an error all browsers that FusionCharts._fallbackJSChartWhenNoFlash() is not a defined function. I have jquery-min.js in the same directory has FusionCharts.js. All other aspects of the charts function properly. Also FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript') functions properly, but I do not want to always been in JavaScript mode, just for those customers who don't have Flash installed.
  8. Pluralize Date Terms On Axis

    Yep, no problem, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks!
  9. Pluralize Date Terms On Axis

    So I am thinking the easiest way to pad the scale terms is to put a space right in numberScaleUnit=' min, hr, day, wk', like so. Is there a better way?
  10. Pluralize Date Terms On Axis

    When scaling numbers on a chart for dates, using numberScaleUnit='min,hr,day,wk', is there any way to make the chart smart enough so that if it's one day, it reads 1 day, or if more than one day, it reads 2 days? Second question, what is the best way to insert a space between the value and the date term? For instance, instead of 1day on the chart I want 1 day. Thanks.