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  1. Hi Bindhu, Thanks for the information.
  2. Hi Bindhu, Thanks for your reply. But I need each line with zero plane only. And having individual y- axis values start with 0. If you find anything on this, please kindly do let me know Thanks Again.
  3. Is there any one who can help me on this?
  4. Hi friends, I want to draw a chart with multiple lines with individual zero planes in single graph. But i don't have any negative value for zero it possible in fusion chats? I have attached image with this for example. Please help me for this. Thanks, Mayuresh
  5. Z-Index Problem

    Hello friends, After very long time I am back on fusion charts, I am using Funnel chart and just above that funnel chart div, i have one dropdown. When I click on dropdown then the options from the dropdown are going back to funnel chart. This is a chrome And IE issue, otherwise it is working perfect. Please help me on this. Thanks in advance, Mayuresh
  6. Ajax Request In Funnel Chart

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am using a set tag to add labels while adding this I am appending link attribute in that link I have one encoded link which is working fine for me. Now my new requirement is I want to send ajax request instead of link which changes the browser url. I want, if I click on any section od funnel chart it should update a specif div with ajax request. Again thanks!
  7. hey, I want to set links in funnel chart I did it using the 'link' attribute, now I want to use ajax link request can anyone help me on this.
  8. Hello friends, I want to make funnel chart clickable. When I click on any section of funnel should redirect me to somewhere else to my destiny. Please help me out to resolve this. Thanks, Mayuresh
  9. Hi, Sorry to trouble you, but i got my mistake..i was just missing semicolon before using "displayValue". Thanks for your help. Thanks, Mayuresh
  10. Hi, thanks for reply, Could you please provide me the same with proper example. That would really help me. Please provide proper example for this. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. Actualy I am trying to show like this $FusionChartObject->addChartData( ( ( $intSecondValue/ 3600 ) / 24 ), 'name=abc' ); When i try with following $FusionChartObject->addChartData( ( ( $intSecondValue/ 3600 ) / 24 ) . 'd' . '2 hr', 'name=abc' ); it shows blank graph. How to modify this? Thanks, Mayuresh
  12. Hello Friends, Can any one help me to solve following thing : I have generated a bargraph, but i am not able to show value on bar graph and tooltip with format days and hours. For ex. I need to display value on bar as "7d 13hr" as a value as well as tooltip. Thanks, Mayuresh
  13. Problem In Displaying Y-Axis Namings Properly

    Hi, Thanks a lot. It is working fine if the data point is 1..but still displaying duplicate y-axis names/values if data point value is 0. Thanks, Mayuresh
  14. Problem In Displaying Y-Axis Namings Properly

    Hi, Please find code as mentioned below, $objFusionChart = new FusionCharts('MSLine','778','250', '', 1); $objFusionChart->SWFPath = '/Common/fushion/fushion_charts/'; # Store chart attributes in a variable $strParam="bgColor=EEEEEE; canvasBorderThickness=1; chartLeftMargin=15; chartRightMargin=25; chartTopMargin=10; xAxisNamePadding=10; yAxisValuePadding=20; xAxisValuePadding=20; valuePadding=5; canvasPadding=20; labelPadding=10; yAxisNamePadding=20; borderThickness=0; outCnvBaseFont=Verdana; outCnvbaseFontSize=10; baseFont=Verdana; baseFontSize=9; baseFontColor=666666; zeroPlaneColor=000000; zeroPlaneThickness=3; zeroPlaneAlpha=80; bgAlpha=40,100; numVDivLines=10; showValues=0; caption=; xAxisName=; rotateYAxisName=0; yAxisNameWidth=0; yAxisName=; divLineIsDashed=1; divLineDashedLen=2; divLineDashedGap=2; numberPrefix=; labelDisplay=Rotate; slantLabels=1; formatNumberScale=0;"; $objFusionChart->setChartParams( $strParam ); $arrmixYAxisData = array( '02/07/2011' => 0, '02/08/2011' => 0, '02/09/2011' => 0, '02/10/2011' => 0, '02/11/2011' => 0, '02/12/2011' => 0, '02/13/2011' => 0, '02/14/2011' => 0, '02/15/2011' => 0, '02/16/2011' => 0, '02/17/2011' => 1, '02/18/2011' => 0, '02/19/2011' => 0, '02/20/2011' => 0, '02/21/2011' => 0, '02/22/2011' => 0, ); $objFusionChart->addDataset( '' ); foreach( $arrmixYAxisData as $strDate=>$intTraffic ) { $objFusionChart->addCategory( date( 'M/d/y', strtotime( $strDate )) ); $objFusionChart->addChartData( (int) $intTraffic, "toolText=".$strDate .', '.$intTraffic ); } $objFusionChart->renderChart( true ); exit; Thanks Mayuresh