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  1. Hi All, Is there any functionality to edit the Gantt Chart Dynamicallly or is there any way to drag the task in the chart.so as to one can change the start date and enddate. Waitiing for your Response Kaushal
  2. Gantt Chart

    Hi I have made the Gantt Chart but now my problem is that i cannot see the date that i have set as category. Please find attached screen shot Waiting for ur prompt reply. Thanks Kaushal
  3. Gantt Chart

    Hi Thanks for the reply i check the link u gave me but now my queestion is that is there way to bind this chart other than xml file some thing we render xml type in string builder and then give the string builder to the literal or is there any dll for fusion widgets as there is for fusioncharts. Waiting for u reply Thanks and Regards Kaushal
  4. Gantt Chart

    Hi All, I am new to using Fusion widget Charts and i am using Gantt Chart for showing Task Start Date and Task EndDate. So i want to customize Gantt Chart as shown in attachment. Please let me know if this possible or not. Thanks and Regards Kaushal