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  1. I'm using a 'displavalue' attribute for the bar/column charts - when I have a value with a plus sign in it , the plus sign is replaced by a blank. I checked the debug display and the XML shown has the '+' replaced by a blank even though the xml set into the chart does not. any ideas? Chris Here is part of the debug <set value="3060" displayValue="3.06e 3" alpha="100" link="JavaScript:Ext.jen.ui.FusionChart.onChartClick(2,0)" /> the original is <set value="3060" displayValue="3.06e+3" alpha="100" link='JavaScript:Ext.jen.ui.FusionChart.onChartClick(2,0)'/>
  2. Detecting Html 5 Use

    Perfect! thanks Chris
  3. Detecting Html 5 Use

    Any one know how to detect whether the javscript rendering is being used? Certain XML is not valid for the HTML 5 rendering. For example the 'exportDialogMessage' tag thanks Chris