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  1. Hello, I try to draw an already existing chart from a web page to another one open via javascript windows.open There are no drawing data arrive in the new windows var cloneChart=chartInCurrentWindows.clone(); alert(cloneChart.getXMLData());//data from cloned chart are ok var width = cloneChart.width; var height =cloneChart.height;//with and height are ok var w=window.open('','_blank','resizable=0,scrollbars=0,width='+width+',height='+height+',location=0,titlebar=1'); var doc = w.document; var div = doc.createElement('div'); div.id = 'divInOtherWindows'; doc.body.appendChild(div); configureChart(cloneChart); cloneChart.render(doc.getElementById("divInOtherWindows")); //cloneChart.render("oneExistingIdInCurrentPage")); w.focus(); . Note 1 : if i try to draw the chart in current windows (uncommenting line cloneChart.render("oneExistingIdInCurrentPage") and commenting the previous one) everything is fine for this chart. Note 2 : if i try to draw in 'divInOtherWindows" something is done by FusionChart in node: the empty chart '<span id="chartobject-1"></span>' is added but no data is send to it in firefox,and error js will be done in ie. Note 3 : i use FusionChart 3.2 Can you tell me what is wrong with my code ? Regards.