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  1. How To Enable Logs

    What exactly debug mode does in flash rendering?
  2. How To Enable Logs

    Is that due to weekend mood....It is not LOGO...It is logs....I want to see error stream while creating charts!!!
  3. How To Enable Logs

    Hi, We are using FC with Tomcat and JSP. How to enable logs for Fusion charts. I am seeing invalid XML data error in my chart. Thanks Raj
  4. Plotting Discontinuous Data

    Hi, I am trying to plot a discontinuous multi series data. For example think of 24 hour time period traffic graph. For every minute I am plotting data. I have 1440 points and I don't know which points that does not have a value. And for example series 1 may have a point for a minute and other series may not. How to define category label now. And dont you have auto label-ing is if I set the start and end time and tick units may be. Thanks Raj