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  1. Our installation of Coldfusion runs on top of Apache, and does not, as far as I know, support jsp. Therefore, is there any way to export images on the server side, or do I have to use the client side exporter (trying to avoid that extra click, since experience has shown that multiple required actions causes more confusion with our users). Thanks
  2. Javascript Fallback Glitch

    When calling 'new FusionCharts( "Pie2d.swf")' the program works fine when the graph is rendered in Flash, but I get an error in highchart fallbacks. After a bit of trial and error I discovered that the flash part does not seem to be case sensitive, while the javascript fallback does. So changing it to Pie2D.swf solved the problem. This might not be a bug per se, but it's at least an issue that should be known.