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  1. What is the default timeout for the dataStreamURL request for date? Is there a way of specifling the maximum time to wait for an response from the data source in FusionCharts? I have seen timeout occurs due to server loads Thank you
  2. I have been working on demostrating FusionCharts and Widgets to my company as a Proof of Concept. With the iPad feature I wanted to update my demo. This was greatly received, but one feature did not work. I was using Ajax timer and of course using RenderChartHTML on the reposting, but the Widget disappeared. After two days of tracking I found out what the brokens were. So I wanted to share In 3.0 RenderChartHTML returned the tag <object id=="Test" name="Test" ...> surrounded by a <Div id="TestDiv"> tag in 3.2 RenderChartHTML returns the tag <object id="Test" ...> the <Div> tag is not there, nor is the name for the object I was am to surround the string with a <div> tag and do a ans.Replace("<object id=\""+IDName+"\" ", "<object name=\""+IDName+"\" "); (NOTE there are two spaces between the words "object" and "id") Now I can demo my POC and try to get the purchase to move forward. Thought I share this