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  1. Hello? Still waiting for a response on this. Thanks.
  2. Just notice link doesn't quit work (cut-off). Try this
  3. It is dynamically generated by a php file. Here is a link to the php file that generates the xml. You can view source, to see xml. http://www.thegaiaproject.ca/charts/data/realtime-chart-column-data.php?data=AVG(var1)_53Shore_1 Thanks Brian
  4. For some reason on my realtime charts (both RealTimeColumn.swf and RealTimeLine.swf) the canvas border does not seem to line up with the canvas. Doesn't seem to be any options controlling the position of the canvas border, so I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. Any ideas? You can see my implementation (still in draft stages....going to buy full version if I can get this working properly) at this address: http://www.thegaiaproject.ca/charts/pages/realtime-chart-column.php and http://www.thegaiaproject.ca/charts/pages/realtime-chart-line.php Don't have any problems on my non-realtime charts (using Column2D.swf and Line.swf from FusionCharts) http://www.thegaiaproject.ca/charts/pages/historical-chart-line.php http://www.thegaiaproject.ca/charts/pages/historical-chart-column.php