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  1. Fusioncharts Free And Codeigniter

    Hello nemoestudio, I just did what you mentioned in this post from the beginning. But I too got the same nodata issue. You told that you solved by adding two blocks of code one in controller and the other in the view. When I added those two changes, I am getting the following errors. 1. Call to undefined method Fusioncharts::setSwfPath() this is from the view and code is # Create object for Column 3D chart $FC = new FusionCharts("Column3D","650","400"); # Setting Relative Path of chart swf file. $FC->setSwfPath(base_url()."public/flash/"); # Store chart attributes in a variable $strParam="caption=Resumen Herramienta de AutoAssesment;xAxisName=Categoria;yAxisName=Porcentaje de Cumplimiento;decimalPrecision=0; formatNumberScale=0;numberSuffix=%;"; # Set chart attributes $FC->setChartParams($strParam); # Add chart data along with category names $k=0; foreach ($name as $row): $FC->addChartData($percent_bar[$k],"name=".$name_bar[$k]); $k++; endforeach; # Render chart $FC->renderChart(); 2. Message: Undefined variable: categories and Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() occuring at /* here's the array*/ $j = 0; foreach($categories as $row){ $data['name_bar'][$j]= $row->name;; $data['percent_bar'][$j]= $row->percent; $j++; } Can you please tell me where the problem is? Thanks, Raj
  2. Error: FusionCharts is not defined

    Is anybody here??? I am also having the same problem when I tried to use this plugin with codeigniter. Please help me.