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  1. My dataUrlStream uses a php script as its data source. If I hard-code this print statement in php: print "&label=16:00:26&value=15&ignoreAll" I'm able to see the data plotted on the graph. However, if I try to execute this slightly more intelligent script, which reads a file and prints its contents after removing a the trailing newline: $myFile = "data.txt"; <-(data.txt contains "&label=16:00:26&value=15&ignoreAll") $fh = fopen($myFile, 'r'); $theData = fread($fh, filesize($myFile)); fclose($fh); $trimmed = rtrim($theData, ""); echo $trimmed; The debug window gives me the following message: "No data received: The chart couldn't find any data values in the real-time feed." I can run the script from the command line and watch it print the identical line as above. But for some unholy reason, my RealTime chart doesn't receive it. Any ideas why this script won't work, but the previous one will?
  2. Is there a parameter in the XML files to enable a logarithmic scale? Thanks!
  3. Real time charts

    Restarting apache fixed my issue... go figure. Works now!
  4. Real time charts

    Can you please elaborate. I unzipped the directory to my C drive and then double clicked "C:FusionGadgets_DeveloperCodeRealTimeSimpleExample.html" and am experiencing the same issue. I've tried hard-coding values into the StockPrice.asp and StockPrice.psp files, but to no avail. Whenever the stock ticker updates, no data point or time-stamp are shown.