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  1. Dynamic Y Axis For Realtime Chart

    I have a realtime line chart (RealTimeLine.swf) with several datasets, and when I click on them in the legend it removes the line from the line/dataset chart, which is great, but then it doesn't automatically re-adjust the y-values for the missing line. I have this one line which is domating the others, having values around 10-20k, while the other lines are usually under 500, so I can't even really see what their values are. I don't want to make another graph as these are all related, and I don't need to actually look at the other lines often, but when I do, It's hard to see them and their values due to the dominating line. So in short, is there a value for the chart to allow the y-axis to dynamically update based on what line/dataset is being shown? I've tried dynamicAxis and setAdaptiveYMin, but neither work. my current values are: palette='2' dataStreamURL='...' refreshInterval='1' numDisplaySets='60' slantLabels='1' labelDisplay='Rotate' showYAxisValues='1' showRealTimeValue='0' Thank you.