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  1. How to change Value position?

    Hi, I also have a bubble chart and I would need the values to be shown not on the bubble (that is really ugly), but next to it. Is this already possible? Thanks, S.
  2. Anchor In Scatter Plot

    Hi, The part in the documentation "Highlighting Selective Data" where you can change an individual set, does not seem to work in a scatter plot. I have one dataset with a defined anchorradius and anchorcolor, and I can not change this for an individual set in this dataset. Also the alpha I can not change. Thanks for your help, S.
  3. Hi all, I am an intensive FusionCharts user and there are a lot of things I like about the product. But there is one thing that has been bothering me for months and I don't seem to find a solution for my problem. I need my charts in PowerPoint and I since FusionCharts doesn't support export to PowerPoint I found a workaround. I save my charts on the server and use Aspose to create PowerPoints that contain the FusionCharts image. This works very good (though a little slow :-)) My big problem is the quality of the images. I added a screenshot. The labels and text in the chart are not sharp. I think its because Fusioncharts save the images with a resolution of 72 dpi on the server. This is good for the web but not for a presentation or for printing. I have read a post ( that says I could change this. But the support (e-mail) doesn't seem to know? Does anyone have an idea of how to make my charts crispy in PowerPoint? I don't want to use oomfo, because I want everything automatic!!! Is export to svg supported? I thought not... How do you solve export to PowerPoint, maybe I am searching in the wrong direction. This export to PowerPoint is very important for us. And I am afraid if I can not solve this, that I will have to search for another product. Thank you very much for any tips!!! S.
  4. Higher DPI for the exported image?

    Hi, I would also like to get a higher dpi using server side export? How can I solve this? I use C# and ASP.NET. I contacted the support team via e-mail, but they don't seem to know how this works! Please help! S.
  5. Better Image Quality When Exporting?

    Is there already a way to increase the resolution of the exported images? I don't want to use oomfo! Thanks! S.
  6. Stackedcolumn2Dlinedy

    Hi, I can not find a Stacked column 2D with line and dual Y. There is a 3D version of this chart StackedColumn3DLineDY, but not a 2D. I would have to use the MSStackedColumn2DLineDY, but I don't need MS. Does StackedColumn2DLineDY exist? Or is there a way to make StackedColumn3DLineDY a 2D graph? Thanks, S.
  7. Width Bullet Chart

    Hi, This makes the bar shorter (less high), not smaller. I want to reduce the width. Best regards, S.
  8. Width Bullet Chart

    Hi, I have created a vertical bullet chart. I want to make the chart itself smaller, see screenshot attached. Is this possible? Canvasleftmargin and chartlefmargin don't seem to work. Then the caption is not shown good anymore (see screenshots). Thanks! S.
  9. Interactive Legend In Radar

    Hi, Thanks for your help. I will send a mail. S.
  10. Interactive Legend In Radar

    Hi, It works with your swf file but it says evalution on the top! Do I have an old version. I don't understand, I purchased the complete package last October. Regards, S.
  11. Customize Legend Text

    Hi, Is it possible to customize the text from the legend. If you for example want to add more info in the legend for one of the datasets. Thanks for your answer! S.
  12. Interactive Legend In Radar

    Hi, Can you send me the swf (Flas file, NOT js) file that you used. I have read in other post that they were using a wrong swf file. Thanks! S.
  13. Interactive Legend In Radar

    Hi, I have checked and I have version 3.2.1. The chart is working perfectly, and the interactive legend is working on my other multi serie line charts. Could you send me and example of a radar chart where the interactive legend works? Thanks! S.
  14. Interactive Legend In Radar

    Hi, That I have already tried! This is my XML: <chart yAxisMinValue='0' showBorder='0' bgColor='ffffff' bgAlpha='100' radarBorderColor='0066BB' radarBorderThickness='1' radarFillColor='ffffff,333333' radarSpikeColor='0066BB' divLineColor='0066BB' legendPosition='RIGHT' legendBorderColor='00285e' interactiveLegend='1' baseFontColor='00285e' plotFillAlpha='0' showValues='1' labelPadding='25' numberSuffix='%'><categories><category label='Cat1'/><category label='Cat2'/><category label='Cat3'/><category label='Cat4'/><category label='Cat5'/><category label='Cat6'/></categories><dataset seriesName='Customer' color='00285e'><set value='19' /><set value='19' /><set value='20' /><set value='30' /><set value='17' /><set value='16' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Best in class' color='89ba17'><set value='18' /><set value='20' /><set value='22' /><set value='34' /><set value='32' /><set value='20' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Worst in class' color='e32119'><set value='10' /><set value='11' /><set value='9' /><set value='12' /><set value='6' /><set value='9' /></dataset><styles><definition><style name='myValuesFont' type='font' color='00285e' bold='0' size='10'/><style name='myLabelsFont' type='font' color='00285e' bold='0' size='15'/><style name='myShadow' type='Shadow' distance='2' angle='45' strength='1'/></definition><application><apply toObject='DataValues' styles='myValuesFont' /><apply toObject='DataLabels' styles='myLabelsFont' /><apply toObject='DataLabels' styles='myShadow' /></application></styles></chart> S.
  15. Hi, Is it possible to have an interactive legend in a radar chart? S.