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  1. Thanks for the reply, @sayansikdar. But setting Quadrant x-axis value to "1" doesn't seem to have any effect. In another web part using the same settings for a different data set, the quadrant lines show as expected.
  2. Hi, I've got a Bubble Chart working except for missing quadrant lines (screenshot attached). If I clear the Quadrant x-axis and Quadrant y-axis values, the lines show up centered, but when I specify values as in the screenshot, they disappear. Note that I would actually prefer the quadrant lines be centered but can't seem to force a data point into the appropriate quadrant that way. Also, in a different web part, I was eventually able to get the quadrant lines and labels to display properly but it took a lot of clicking around and I can't remember what steps I took. Thanks for any tips.
  3. I have set the Y-Axis maximum value for my chart to 10 but a single data point close to 1,000 is throwing off the Y-Axis scale. Does the max value setting only work as long as all data points fall below that value?
  4. Thanks for the reply! I just found the culprit and apparently it has nothing to do with Collabion. My IE zoom setting was set to 110%. I have no idea why this is, but when I set it to 100%, the drop-down menu controls for list and view reappeared. I found this while troubleshooting IE after noticing that the problem wasn't present in Chrome. I'll have to look more into this one... Thanks anyway!
  5. Hi, I recently tried to make a change to existing Collabion chart web parts that were working fine and now they no longer work. When I select the "SharePoint List" data provider and click Connect to try to re-connect to the same or another list, the connection is successful, but I am not given a menu of lists to choose from. This has happened on two different chart web parts. Others are still working but I'm afraid to edit them since they'll likely stop working as well. The two web parts that stopped working are in our Test farm. When I try to add a new web part in the Production farm, I see the same behavior - there is no longer a drop-down menu to select a list. The version is