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  1. Hi, We are having an issue where the ScrollLine2D chart (did not test with others) cuts off the labels, but the tooltip however is showing the label correctly.(as shown in added screenshot) I've included the XML so you can see the labels are provided correctly to the chart. we are using the latest and greatest downloadable version, Regards, Jan labelbug.xml
  2. Hi, I'm currently developing an export panel in which i'm using the export component, The component hides to the left until the user clicks on a side panel button to show it when its not shown the export component container is set to the style="display: none" through some jquery and changed to a visible value on user click, the problem is that every time the container for the export component switched to/from display: none the export component is rendered again (ot seems) and all exported items are lost anyone know is there a way that I could back the list up to a temporary location and then on display just recover the list? or is there any other way to get around this behaviour? any help is much appreciated!
  3. Hi, Could you please tell me if this is considered unintended behaviour and will be looked into, or that it is being ignored so that our company needs to utilize its Enterprise license capabilities to fix it in the source code and recompile (less desired as it will cost us quite a bit of time to analyse) your swift response is highly appreciated, Jan
  4. Context Menu Killing Browser In Flash 10/linux

    Its working fine in Chome v8.0.552.224 (latest published stable) on Windows XP
  5. Hi, When drawing a line chart anchorAlpha is not taken into consideration when the legends anchor is drawn this causes inconsistent display when alpha is set to 0 (not show anything) it would be gone by hiding the anchor all together, but that would not allow me to hover over the lines and see values chart type used (but am assuming bug not limited to): ScollLine2D.swf here chart JSON: (had to do .TXT as .json could not be uploaded) json.txt
  6. Yaxisminvalue Overwritten By 0

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, As you mentioned it i checked the XML again and found that not the blank dataset was causing the problem, but the VOC dataset has as a final <set> a value of 0.00 which caused the problem thanks alot for your assistance, it was driving me a but nuts at times
  7. Hi, Im trying to set the yAxisMinValue on a single Y axis chart, But it is always overwritten with 0 ,with or without setAdaptiveYMin='1' (below example is with setAdaptiveYMin='1') even only setting adaptive Y settings sets the Y just to 0 although the min point on the chart is far higher, Is there any way to overwrite any behaviour that fusionchart has build in like checking if max is lower then the max values in the chart and min is higher that the predetermined min (which is set to 0 of the chart is positive) and the overwrite it by its own determined min/max value instead of tolerating the users choice in the example.xml below you can see the min value is not respected while the max value is ever though the min value is the lowest value in the chart, I would not expect this to be desired behaviour? the example us being used with ScrollLine2D.swf thanks in advance