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  1. Hi, The screen shot is attached, for the problem below explained. There are two screenshot attached: 1. firsttime-loaded-good.JPG [Loaded properly] 2. shrunk-problem.JPG [Problem of shrunk when Currency Select box selected and the Ajax call is made to display the Fusion chart] Srinking of Chart - "3D Column + Line Single Y combination": I am using - MSColumn3DLineDY.swf file to display the chart but the Chart get shrink. The scenario how it get produced is: Step-1: Chart - 3D Column + Line Single Y combination, get displayed good when the first time page gets loaded. Step-2: Now, there is Currency select box, on selection of different currency the Fusion chart - 3D Column + Line Single Y combination, created by MSColumn3DLineDY.sw, get shrink. Please help, its urgent. Thanks & Regards, Sharad Bajpai