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  1. Pyaxis / Syaxis Numdivlines

    Is there a method to set individual numDivLines for both the SY and PY Axises? Basically, what I need to accomplish is to set the SYAxisMin to 20 and the SYAxisMax to 50. The interval for the SYAxis should be in steps of 5 (20, 25, 30, 35, ...). The PYAxisMin will be set to 1 and the PYAxisMax will be set to 10. The PYAxis interval will be in steps of 10. Is this possible? My understanding is that the numDivLines control the interval. I can set numDivLines="10" and have the interval set in steps of 1 for PY or I can set the numDivLines="6" and have interval set in steps of 5 for SY. However, it does not appear that these can be set individually. Thanks!