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  1. No Data To Display

    Hi! Was the screen helpfull?
  2. No Data To Display

    Hi! I send you screenshot of page with firebug html source.
  3. No Data To Display

    Hi! Thank's for quick response. I changed chart swf file to this: /FusionCharts/FCF_Line.swf but still getting No data to display message.
  4. No Data To Display

    Hi! I'm new to FusionCharts and I have problems with displaying simple line chart. In web browser I see "No data to display". Here's my js code: var chart_order_id=new FusionCharts('/FusionCharts/FCF_MSLine.swf','order_id',300,400,1,1); <!-- Provide entire XML data using DataXML method --> chart_order_id.setDataXML('<chart> <set value="1" label="2"/> <set value="1" label="3"/> <set value="3" label="4"/> <set value="2" label="5"/> <set value="4" label="6"/> <set value="7" label="7"/> <set value="1" label="8"/> <set value="3" label="9"/> <set value="2" label="10"/></chart>'); <!-- Finally render the chart. --> chart_order_id.render('order_idDiv'); And here's html generated by it: <embed height="400" width="300" flashvars="chartWidth=300&chartHeight=400&debugMode=1&DOMId=order_id&registerWithJS=1&scaleMode=noScale&lang=EN&dataXML=<chart> <set value='1' label='2'/> <set value='1' label='3'/> <set value='3' label='4'/> <set value='2' label='5'/> <set value='4' label='6'/> <set value='7' label='7'/> <set value='1' label='8'/> <set value='3' label='9'/> <set value='2' label='10'/></chart>" allowscriptaccess="always" quality="high" name="order_id" id="order_id" src="/FusionCharts/FCF_MSLine.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> The result I get from ii is "No data to display". If someone can show me what I'm doing wrong I will be very gratefull. Adrian