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  1. Sorry, I understand my mistake... Can I disable the user to create new node? Thanks for you time.
  2. We can think about the first example (Basic Chart) in Documentation->Drag-Node Chart->Sample Chart. I read into the relative xml file: <set x='59' y='15' width='40' height='56' name='Node 2' color='FE9191' id='2' link='n-'/> So I understand that if I click on "Node 2" It should open a new window with "". But It doesn't happen.
  3. Hi, thanks! But I've already read all the documentation and I don't understand my error.
  4. Hi, I'm a new user of FusionCharts. I have some problems. I try to create a link into each node. I've tried with javascript or sample link but It doesn't work. Also when I click on submit I recevie a new graphic with double arrows everywhere and I loose every tooltext that I write before. Thanks for your advise! Antonietta.