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  1. Multiseries Stacked 2D Graph

    Hi, I was trying to create a multiseries stacked graph as follows: I have tried to use many methods to try and achieve this. I am using the MSStackedColumn2D file to render the data. The XML code for this is: <chart xaxisname="Time" yaxisname="Total" showSum='1' hovercapbg="DEDEBE" hovercapborder="889E6D" rotateNames="0" yAxisMaxValue="100" numdivlines="9" divLineColor="CCCCCC" divLineAlpha="80" decimalPrecision="0" showAlternateHGridColor="1" AlternateHGridAlpha="30" AlternateHGridColor="CCCCCC" caption="Total Data" subcaption="in Thousands" useRoundEdges="1"> <categories font="Arial" fontSize="11" fontColor="000000"> <category name="Last Month" /> <category name="This Month" /> </categories> <dataset> <dataset seriesname="Product A" color="FDC12E" showValues='1'> <set value="50" /> <set value="23" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname="Product B" color="56B9F9" showValues='1'> <set value="22" /> <set value="43" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname="Product C" color="5639F9" showValues='1'> <set value="22" /> <set value="43" /> </dataset> </dataset> <dataset> <dataset seriesname="Product A" color="FDC12E" showValues='1'> <set value="51" /> <set value="32" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname="Product B" color="56B9F9" showValues='1'> <set value="25" /> <set value="34" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname="Product C" color="5639F9" showValues='1'> <set value="26" /> <set value="23" /> </dataset> </dataset> </chart> What changes can I make to the code in order for it to display results as the above picture? Or is it not possible at the moment? I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.