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  1. Formatting Time On Line Graph Xx:yy.zz

    of course, of course...What I'm driving at is that something can be done to mask this effect and I'm having trouble editing that line in the .fla file to prevent the date in the hoverText from showing up at all...ideally what I'd like is to make the hoverText completely blank and only have it fill when I set the attribute inside the <set>
  2. Formatting Time On Line Graph Xx:yy.zz

    I found in the FCF_Line.fla file a set of lines that are: var dsVal; //Create the text dsVal = this.formatNumber(this.data[dataIndex].value); var strText = ""; strText = strText+this.data[dataIndex].hoverText+this.Params.hoverCapSepChar+dsVal; ASMovHoverCaption.html = true; ASMovHoverCaption.htmlText = strText; This makes me think that the dsVal variable is the one responsible for showing the Y-axis in the hoverText...is this true? Secondly when I open FCF_Line.fla and remove the "+dsVal" part of the statement (or no change at all) I end up publishing a FCF_Line.swf that is 4KB instead of the expected 19KB as the original is...am I missing something? Thanks! -Ray-
  3. Formatting Time On Line Graph Xx:yy.zz

    It appears what I really should be asking is how do I remove the ability to show the value option on hover? <set name='12/21/2010' value='0203.21' hoverText='02:03.21'/> <set name='12/22/2010' value='0109.25' hoverText='01:09.25'/> work just fine because it creates the time and I just hide everything else on the chart but now the question is how do I prevent it from showing like "0203.21,02:03.21" Thanks! -Ray-
  4. So I've got my graph and files here at http://steelnerve.co...arts/chart.html http://steelnerve.co...Charts/Data.xml My question is if I have my x axis coming in as numbers like '0244.21' how can I turn it into '02:44.21' in the thumb display? They numbers will always be in that format(or they can be reformatted) but i'd like there to be a colon inbetween the minutes and seconds...the decimal will take care of the hundredths What can I do? Thanks! -Ray-
  5. Where Did My X-Axis Go?!

    Thank you very very much! That worked perfectly! I've got questions about time formatting but I'll remake them as a new post. Thanks again
  6. Where Did My X-Axis Go?!

    So I'm new...please forgive me if this obvious but I seem to be missing my X axis somehow...the two links below are my files and I'm using the sample data and it won't bring up the labels...would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?http://steelnerve.co...arts/chart.html http://steelnerve.co...Charts/Data.xml Secondly I have an existing XML file that's built in the below format <swimrecords> <swimtime> <meet>2004 PV Oct Open Lee District</meet> <month>Oct</month> <day>15</day> <year>2004</year> <pool>25yds</pool> <distance>50</distance> <stroke>Freestyle</stroke> <minute>0</minute> <second>24</second> <hundred>92</hundred> </swimtime> <swimtime> <meet>2001 PV Oct Open Lee District</meet> <month>Oct</month> <day>15</day> <year>2001</year> <pool>25yds</pool> <distance>50</distance> <stroke>Freestyle</stroke> <minute>0</minute> <second>25</second> <hundred>56</hundred> </swimtime> </swimrecords> Is there a way for me to have my 2D line graph graph the date against the swim time? (I'm going to make a different graph for each stroke and I don't care about the meet so i just need the y axis to be the full time and the x axis to be the full date) If I absolutely MUST I can make the date a single <date>12/20/10</date> and the time a single <time>2:10.04</time>...it's doable if necessary My main goal is that I don't have to reparse that whole XML file into a different format(like the sample where it's <set and label stuff)...but I can modify the date and time format if need be If I can reference the XML file already in that format...how do I do it? Thank you so much in advance I'm hoping to put this together as a Christmas present but I'm a little out of my depth! Take care, -Ray-