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  1. I'm trying to get this to work, but as per the instructions i see that i need to copy the Export Handlers, however i only see c# version. Is there a vb.net version or instructions on how to utilize the c# version in a vb.net project?
  2. can the caption of the bullet chart be at the Top, by default it is placed at the left side.
  3. Minimal Install

    i'm working in vb.net, my question is what are the minimal files i need in my project to produce a chart. i have my chart working but i know that i don't need all of the files on my web site to produce a chart. obviously i need the .swf files for the charts that i will be using. i also know that i need the to have a copy of FusionCharts.vb in my App_Code folder and i need to have FusionCharts.js what other files/foders do i need. thanks in advance RB